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Not so long ago, people needed to install every piece of software they purchased for their computer, phone, or network. Developers also had to create a variety of software versions for multiple types of machines and operating systems. This complexity led to high development and maintenance costs. Find out how web apps can offer a better solution for developers, support, and of course, end-users.
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Pants, trousers and salwars make up half the outfit but most people don't pay much attention to them. Simply by experimenting, combining and reusing these salwars that already exist in your wardrobe, you can create new outfits and look fashionable at the same time. So, Here is a list of 4 Patiala salwar ideas which every girl should follow
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India in ancient times wasn’t just the land of snake charmers. The country had a distinctive taste for science and technology which is clearly visible in ancient architecture and texts. India was the homeland to some of the greatest scientists in the world whose works paved the way for modern technological advancements and scientific breakthroughs. […]
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Kashmir has long been the apple of discord between India and Pakistan. The decade long conflict has polarised Indian households too. While some declare Kashmir a terror state and demand punishment for every Kashmiri, some call out the atrocities of Indian armed force in the valley as the reasons of insurgencies. But if we are to look closely, both the groups are at the extremes of the same spectrum that kept the Kashmir issue alive for so long. But to understand the perspective of Kashmiris, you need to step in the shoe of one, look at things in the light of their experiences.
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Nowadays, the Internet is used in offices, homes, hospitals, NGOs, public transport places, and so on. It is used in the form of mobile data, broadband, WiFi, etc. People use a variety of technologies and media together with dial-up, Ethernet, cables, ISDN, 3G and 4G. While services, for instance, emails, social media, and online shopping […]
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Usually, there are only 2 main reasons why people work out, to stay healthy and to look good. Between various old fitness methods and new online sources with fitness bloggers and social media influencers, people at times also come across something that might not be true. Hence, it becomes very difficult to determine the difference […]

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For all the advantages that the concrete jungle provides us, urban residents, it miserably fails in one thing – safeguarding the environment. From the constant rise in pollution which makes it difficult for us to breathe clean air even in our homes to the toxic gases and fumes generated from the furniture and machines installed […]


Many executives working in the corporate setup usually fail to see the connection between business and brand strategies. As far as their perception goes, business strategy communicates goals and provides the pathway to achieve the company’s pre-set objectives. Whereas, the brand strategy is considered as a mere marketing tool that is vastly used by the marketing team. This incorrect perception has resulted in the lack of effort on the part of the management to align their business and brand strategies. However, the truth lies in the fact that the absence of integration of these strategies will limit the company’s take off to chart new heights.


Continual upskilling is critical for accelerating your career progression. However, the time constraint that corporate employment entail tends to spare limited time for you to improve your skillset. In this light, it can be said that downtime is the best time to update the skills you require to transcend the role that you hold. Developing […]


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