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A Beginner’s Guide To Trekking in India

Trekking has become a popular adventure activity with the number of trekkers rising day by day. Trekking in India also experiences a huge rush of local and international trekkers as from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, almost every part of the country has some of the great trekking spots for every season, be it winter, summer, autumn, or rainy season.

And why not? In today’s fast track, nature excursion can be the best therapy, especially in the form of trekking. It gives you ways to unwind, breaks the monotony of daily life, keeps you healthy, and creates new experiences in life.

Becoming an Explorer

If you love exploring things, Trekking is the best way to bring out the explorer in you. If you are new to the trekking, you can go for the tracks that have been used by the earlier trekkers. Once you get used to trekking activities, try to go over new or less used paths only to learn something new and even more exciting. Trekking offers a number of advantages, both physical and mental, and at times emotional too.

The best part is that virtually anyone with a good and reasonable physical condition can go for trekking. To get started into trekking, you can begin with day treks. Start from a point in the day and then return to the same point in the evening. Then you can go for multi-day trekking, which can be somewhat easy, so as to learn more about your ability and capacity. You can venture into the mountain tracks with a knowledgeable trekker, or join a trekking club, or even go with a well-known company that offers adventure tour packages.

In addition, it is equally important to have basic knowledge of camping, reading the map, first aid, etc. Before you go trekking, try to get as much information as you can about the trekking area and its surroundings, people living in that area, geographical and climatic features, closest medical or rescue facilities, and more. It will equip you with the necessary information you require to fully enjoy your trek.

Going with the strangers

At times, for some people, the very idea of going somewhere new by themselves can be very distressing.  However, now thanks to the internet and other similar sources, people are breaking barriers and are becoming more friendly and adventurous. People don’t even mind making a trip or travel plans with strangers.

Going for trekking on your own might be fun, but it is usually better to have some company with you. If you don’t have anybody to accompany you, you can go with a group of strangers by joining an adventure club or taking a trekking tour package. Going with strangers will help you connect with the like-minded people and make new friends.

When you go trekking with strangers, you are sure to meet individuals with different strengths and weaknesses, like someone might be good in map-reading or cooking, or camp craft. If you are a novice, you can learn a lot from them. Also, going alone, especially for a beginner might not be such a safe option. Going with a group, even if they are strangers, would be a safer option.

Where To Start From?

There are various online platforms from where you can book the trekking tour package. Better not start off your first ever trek with a difficult trail. Create a routine and slowly increase your strength. Being physically fit means you will not be struggling on your way up and hence, the trekking will become a lot more fun and enjoyable experience.

Here is a list of five treks with booking links to start your planning:

1. Parashar Lake Trek, Himachal – BookingGoogle Map
Cost – Rs. 3000 Approx. Time – Round the year

2. Ladakh – Markha Valley trek – BookingGoogle Map
Cost – Rs. 22000 Approx. Time – Mid-June to Mid-October

3. Kuari pass Trek, Uttrakhand – BookingGoogle Map
Cost- Rs, 8750 Approx. Time – December to March

4. Valley of Flowers Trek, Uttrakhand – Booking, Google Map
Cost – Rs 10,000 Approx. Time – July to September

5. Kedarkantha Trek, Uttarakhand – Booking  Google Map
Cost- Rs. 6950 Approx. Time – Round the year



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