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Why Develop Web Apps Instead of Stand-Alone Software?

Not so long ago, people needed to install every piece of software they purchased for their computer, phone, or network. Developers also had to create a variety of software versions for multiple types of machines and operating systems. This complexity led to high development and maintenance costs. Find out how web apps can offer a better solution for developers, support, and of course, end-users.


How To Build A Scalable SDK The Right Way (Learnings From AWS SDKs)

AWS SDK maintains and publishes SDK for over 110+ services with simultaneous and multiple updates on all SDKs each day. They have achieved what all big companies strive for, launching new APIs seamlessly and effortlessly. During AWS’s flagship conference Re:Invent, the SDKs are updated with new APIs that were just announced in less than 2 hours for the world to use.

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