Cloudflare: Making The Internet Faster One Byte At A Time

Cloudflare is the savior of the Internet. More than once they have stepped up to save really important websites which were under heavy DDOS attack. We love what Cloudflare does and love their free DNS management that we believe everyone should be using.

Cloudflare Inc. is a U.S. based company that provides content delivery network services, DDoS mitigation, Internet security, and distributed domain name server services. DailyJag has been on Cloudflare since its inception. This article is a little thanks to the awesome people at Cloudflare for helping sites like DailyJag to be more efficient at what we do.

What does Cloudflare actually do?

They pretty much do everything related to networking on the Internet. They will help you speed up your website. Here is a list of services we use from Cloudflare.

DNS Management

Entire DNS records, MX records, A records etc are all managed by Cloudflare for us. It is extremely easy to onboard to their services. Cloudflare provides us ways to obfuscate our real IP address from the public which helps us in the attacks from bots and DDOS.


Another feature we love is inbuilt Caching. Cloudflare has a huge network of servers across the world, currently in 76 countries (including 22 in mainland China) and they have really optimized their caching servers. They help us in minifying HTML, Javascript and CSS files for no additional cost at all. Cloudflare servers help us reduce the load on our main servers by serving content from their servers. We save hundreds of megabytes every month by just using their free services.


Cloudflare will provide amazing analytics on the real visitors to your site including bots, search engines, real users and everyone who visited your domain. This is very useful when you want to know where is the server bandwidth being used us. Here is a graph from one of our graphs on Cloudflare.

DailyJag traffic through Cloudflare

Making DailyJag Secure

Cloudflare lets you redirect all traffic to a secure “https” site. If you accidentally hit “” you will automatically be redirected to “”. Besides this Cloudflare helps block attacks from spam bots and phishing sites. They are experts in preventing DDOS attacks and we feel secure having them as our first line of defense.

Monitor DownTime

Cloudflare helps our customers see an archived page if the live page isn’t loading that fast. This helps in reducing 404 errors by serving an archived page. Out readers can still enjoy the content and we achieve an overall increased availability while our servers were actually down. Mobile App

In working towards their mission of helping to build a better internet, they released an amazing mobile app called “”. The app has a very simple task of making the internet on your phone faster and more secure. is a public DNS resolver that anyone can use, for free. is actually the fastest DNS service available today. The app helps you to anonymize traffic from your ISP and increase website loading time as well. We highly recommend using this app. You can download the app on the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

Cloudflare announced support for InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) on their servers

We were very surprised when Cloudflare announced that they will help IPFS sites by running IPFS nodes on their infrastructure. CloudlFlare’s browser allows anonymous browsing of distributed sites using the URL:<path-to-content>.

Cloudflare goal has been to make the Internet faster, secure and reliable for everyone.

This post has in no way influenced by Cloudflare and is a result of our admiration for the work the company is doing.



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