How GPS Can Help Save Lives

How GPS Can Help Save Lives

We face dozens of dangers as humans like drowning, plane crashes, and car accidents. Most of us don’t want to go that way, but life has the last say. Luckily, we can use GPS tracking to stay safer. We will outline some ways that GPS protects people from death.

GPS and Pilots

The danger to pilots exacerbates itself in bad weather, but pilots can navigate with greater effectiveness using GPS. They can employ the GPS in real-time to better understand their exact positioning. The modern GPS has become one of the most valuable tools to pilots because of its many uses. 

Planes can track and coordinate their efforts with each other to prevent devastating collisions. Accurate coordinates will prevent collisions with mountain ranges and buildings as well. Particularly when the sight becomes difficult, pilots can use GPS as their second pair of eyes.

Search and Rescue Missions

Vital to local rescue teams, GPS coordinates highlight the quickest route to an accident scene. For example, it can save the camper bitten by a rattlesnake. Using his GPS mapping system from the smartphone, emergency respondents will see the exact location of the victim. They can arrive at the scene faster to save lives, especially in critical situations where time could mean life or death.

Tracking People

No one should experience the nightmare of having a loved one vanish. Today’s GPS technology gets put into a variety of products to track people who may have gone missing. Some applications with the smartphone were specifically designed to track the location of someone in an emergency. 

In some cases, it will show the last known location of the person, which can serve as a clue to finding them. Some types of tennis shoes come with GPS Tracking in them to pinpoint the location of Alzheimer’s patients since they can wander off. GPS Bracelets and devices may be worn in a purse or backpack.

Along with tracking people, GPS can detail the coordinates of lost pets. For example, you may have a beloved cat that likes to wander the neighborhood at first sight of an open door. Catching him may prove difficult without a tracking device that can show you his exact location. In some places like the UK, they even require that you put a tracking device on your dogs to have one.

Prevent Car Accidents

Ever heard of self-driving technology? The way that the car can drive itself is through GPS coordinates. Radar sensors and GPS will take control of the vehicle whenever it senses danger. Sensors on the vehicle will detect the speed and bring the car to a full stop if needed. 

Self-driving technology may not be perfect, but it can go a long way in preventing car accidents. Traffic management systems like stoplights work with the GPS in the vehicle to tell it when to brake. Slowly, cars are becoming more like advanced computers.

Make Highways Safer

Unsafe truckers on the road make highways more dangerous for everyone. Unfortunately, accidents with a semi-truck almost always end in fatalities because of the sheer size of the vehicle. The average semi weighs between 10,000 and 25,000 pounds. Colliding with another vehicle on the road proves disastrous. 

Through fleet GPS tracking software, fleet managers can pinpoint aggressive driving habits and weed them out. This includes the decelerate and acceleration rate. The software transmits an immediate alert to the driver and the fleet manager. Other things that it looks at include wearing seatbelts, touching the line and hard braking. Along with that, in an emergency, truck drivers can alert the fleet manager on their exact coordinates for faster emergency response.

Once you understand the importance of GPS in your life, you will learn how it saves lives. This piece of technology has easily saved thousands of lives over the years as it makes faster emergency response possible. 
Knowing the location of streets, the buildings and the disaster-relief sites have saved thousands. Quick emergency response saves lives, but GPS will continue to play a quintessential role in our lives in the coming years as the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes more prevalent. You can navigate with GPS far more easily than before.



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