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Salar de Uyuni is the world’s largest salt flatland as vast as 4,086 square miles (10,582 kilometers). It is an interesting place in southwest Bolivia which gets covered with a thin layer of water. When it gets covered with water, it turns into the largest mirror on earth, as these photos recently taken by Takaki Watanabe show. Salar de […]
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United Nations has added India’s Western Ghats to the prestigious list of UNESCO’s world heritage sites.Western Ghats are rich in biodiversity and natural beauty. And its splendor has made it one of the most beautiful places on earth that needs delicate care and protection. But will its addition to World Heritage Sites ensure its protection? […]
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British Empire by 1922 ruled over 25% (33,700,000 km2) of the world’s land area and over 458 million people. It was said that the Sun never sets for the empire. The country half the size of France made this possible through superb organizational skills of the “White” Empire builders. the saying that the “sun never […]
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Enterprise technology is changing the picture of the world globally. It is changing the way you find your job, the way you work and even the kind of work that you find. It is attracting investors and evolving. Where Facebook’s IPO was a mess, enterprise IPOs from Jive, Splunk, and Infoblox were big hits. And there is […]
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If you have cheated before in your school/college, then you would have probably written answers on erasers or calculators, exchanged stuff with friends in the examination hall. But you would have never ever cheated like this brave student who got caught cheating from a 35-feet long cheat sheet with 25000 answers. This guy took cheating […]
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A Japanese inventor known as “Watanabe” has come up with a special pot that creates a whirlpool in the pan or heating pot and mixes the food thoroughly while it is being cooked. The pot would be amazing for cooking dishes like soups and curries which require continuous stirring to prevent clogs from being formed. The Kuru-Kuru […]
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When we think of an Indian village it gives us an image of a filthy place with mooing cows, open drains and children playing ants and frog games. But, Punsari, a motley village in Himmatnagar, talks about wi-fi and optical fiber broadband network, its children spend best of their times in air-conditioned classrooms with CCTV cameras.The […]
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Time magazine claims that the only Indian film to make it to the list is better than Oscar-winner “The Artist” Time magazine has included Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s 2002 film Devdas, starring Shahrukh Khan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Madhuri Dixit Nene, in its list of the millennium’s top 10 movies. Devdas ranked eighth on the list with WALL.E at the top and The […]
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All other brands should just quit right now, because Brazilian juice company Camp Nectar has objectively the hands-down best ad campaign in the history of the juice-boxing business—all thanks to the creative agency AGE Isobar. It took two years of experimenting, but ultimately they were able to produce lemons, guavas, passion fruit, papayas, apples, and oranges—all […]
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Hacker group Anonymous has announced it has taken down India’s Supreme Court and All India Congress websites. Anonymous announced the attack via Twitter, claiming the reason is “Internet censorship” and suggesting India should “install” a new government. Both websites are unavailable at the time of this writing.   Namaste #India, your time has come to trash the current government and install […]

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For all the advantages that the concrete jungle provides us, urban residents, it miserably fails in one thing – safeguarding the environment. From the constant rise in pollution which makes it difficult for us to breathe clean air even in our homes to the toxic gases and fumes generated from the furniture and machines installed […]


Many executives working in the corporate setup usually fail to see the connection between business and brand strategies. As far as their perception goes, business strategy communicates goals and provides the pathway to achieve the company’s pre-set objectives. Whereas, the brand strategy is considered as a mere marketing tool that is vastly used by the marketing team. This incorrect perception has resulted in the lack of effort on the part of the management to align their business and brand strategies. However, the truth lies in the fact that the absence of integration of these strategies will limit the company’s take off to chart new heights.


Continual upskilling is critical for accelerating your career progression. However, the time constraint that corporate employment entail tends to spare limited time for you to improve your skillset. In this light, it can be said that downtime is the best time to update the skills you require to transcend the role that you hold. Developing […]


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