Camp Nectar
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The best ad ever for a fruit juice!!!

All other brands should just quit right now, because Brazilian juice company Camp Nectar has objectively the hands-down best ad campaign in the history of the juice-boxing business—all thanks to the creative agency AGE Isobar.

It took two years of experimenting, but ultimately they were able to produce lemons, guavas, passion fruit, papayas, apples, and oranges—all of them box-shaped and with Camp’s logo grooved into their flesh.

To achieve this triumph over nature, they manufactured specially-molded boxes to place over the earliest buds of fruit growth. Allowed to fully ripen in their molds, the fruit grew healthily, filling out the full shape and taking on the indentions of a bent straw and folded top-edges.

The clip below shows a time-lapse video of the fruit growing inside its custom housing. It’s pretty effing cool.



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