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Pictures from Hubble Space Telescope that changed the way we look at stars.

Pictures from Hubble Space Telescope that changed the way we look at stars. #space # science
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How Much Of “GullyBoy” Was Based On Real Events?[Divine & Naezy]

GullyBoy is loosely based on the life of Divine and Naezy, we say loosely because a lot of things shown in the movie never...
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5 News Agencies For Unbiased and TrustWorthy News

List of top 5 news agencies that provide unadulterated, trustworthy and unbiased news.
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4 Apps To Read Classic High-Quality E-Books For Free

Best services where you can get classics such as Charles Dickens, George Orwell and many more "must read" books for absolutely no charge at...
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Growing Food With No Soil or Water or Humans [Aeroponics + Vertical Farming]

Agriculture and the way we grow food hasn't changed for thousands of years but that is going to change. With the advent of Vertical...
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Modi’s first rap song. Listen to it before it’s banned by the government.

A new rap song features lyrics & voice of Modi. The song called “Jhooth Bolo” uses excerpts from Narendra Modi’s speech and is in...
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Custom Fake Food Display Getting Popular Around The World, Thanks to Japan

Japanese restaurants have been using real “looking” artificially made food dishes for display for centuries. The custom fake food display is made using wax and...
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Top 5 Places for Snowboarding & Skiing in India With Packages and Prices

Discover the best places to learn snowboarding & snow sports in India with prices for all learning packages and their locations In India.
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Ajay Devgan wins the Audi Car In Koffee With Karan For This Witty Response

Karan Johar’s famous bollywood celebrity interview show “Koffee With Karan” ran a contest for the celebrities on the show The wittiest response in the...
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11 Feel Good Web Series You Need To Binge-Watch Right Now!

Forget watching TV shows on your entertainment idiot-box and switch on to the web-series as they are going to keep you glued to your...
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Which Animals Have The Longest LifeSpan?

Mortality plays an important role in biological life. Every animal that is born goes through the cycle of life, reproduction, and death. But, some...
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SpaceX Wants To Provide Free High-Speed Internet To Everyone On Earth

Elon Musk’s Starlink is working on building a network of 12000 satellites to provide free, high-speed global internet access by the 2020s. The project...
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