What is BI acceleration?

What is BI acceleration?

BI Acceleration is actually known as the Business Intelligence Acceleration. This helps in the processes to combine the fields like data mining, business analytics, data visualization, and practices to help the related organizations take some decisions that are data-driven.

With several years of incredible changes in business and technology, data has already become the main point for multiple enterprises. A special approach that is customer-centric has made this procedure much more important for various organizations to offer services to their customers in every possible way. What your customers want to do, or where they go, or what choices they wish to make, which are the websites that they visit, or which can attract them, how they can be able to interact with the available resources, you will actually want to know every little thing.  To complete all of these processes successfully BI acceleration is really important.

The need to achieve all of this information about the customers, results in a huge amount of raw data, developed from various online websites,  server logs, paid ads, social media interaction, and also some offline sources like purchase histories, phone book records, offline marketing campaigns,  demographic data,  loyalty card data, etc. This huge amount and variety of data are actually known as Big Data. 

What is the meaning of Big Data Analytics?

Storing Big Data is one thing, but being able to properly analyze it is completely different stuff. Big Data Analytics actually refers to the entire process of going deep into the vast sea of Big Data to help you in understanding your data perfectly. It is the process of studying the data over multiple dimensions on a larger scale to know about the hidden trends of the data, like the buying behavior of your customers, the differences in their choices, and many more.

What are the challenges of Big Data Analytics?

As the business becomes smarter and smarter nowadays, the importance to know clearly about your customers is increasing each and every day. However, as the great amount of data is increasing day by day, it also creates some complexities and thus BI tools are becoming unable to perform correctly. As a result, the time to run the queries exceeds several minutes and sometimes for hours as well. Thus, the complexity of the growing data affects the performance of the important BI tools and making them unable to properly and quickly generate some real-time responses. 

Why BI Acceleration is important in Big Data Analytics?

To overcome all of the challenges of the already working BI Tools in the process of big data analytics, one actually needs the power of BI Acceleration. The process known as BI Acceleration is the one that can easily boost up the power of the existing BI Tools while helping them to both capture and deliver instant answers on the huge volumes of data, on both the on-premise and cloud data lakes. 

The process of BI Acceleration can be easily done by using a high-performing semantic layer between the BI tools and the data storage layer. This BI Acceleration Layer acts as a special catalyst in offering your BI Tools with instant and quick access to huge volumes of data while removing the limitations of both scale and speed.

Thus, this special process known as the BI Acceleration is a very crucial thing to run a smooth and successful business without any trouble.



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