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Online Courses: Selling Expertise Without Experience

There are tons of self-proclaimed experts that are trying to make a quick dollar off of desperate buyers. Many of them are pyramid schemes at best. That’s why online courses get such a bad rap, but don’t let that fool you. Creating a video learning product can be an honest source of income when you do it right.

All you need is a relatively profitable niche. You don’t even have to know much about it yourself. The trick is learning how to outsource. You can create a digital product about virtually any subject without spending a minute on content creation.

What Are People Really Looking For?

Finding the right market is completely up to you, but there are only two main reasons for the internet to exist. It’s crucial to understand these driving forces behind traffic. They want to learn how to do something, or they are looking for honest reviews.

The need for specialized tutorials is what has boosted the online learning market. You’re probably wondering why anyone would pay for a video course when there are millions of free videos on YouTube. The answer is that customers would rather buy a step-by-step product instead of spending countless hours piecing information together.

There’s also a lot of poor quality content flooding the web. A curated training program gives customers a sense of professionalism. It also gives them a clear goal. You can give them exactly what they are looking for with just a little bit of planning.

Low-cost Course Building

If you think you need thousands of dollars to produce a video learning course, then your overthinking it. It doesn’t take high-priced video editing equipment. You don’t even need to own a camera. All you need to do is get online and find the right people. Everything can be outsourced without breaking your bank account.

You can hire an expert to record a few hours of content on an iPhone. Have them send it to a freelance video editor you contracted through a forum. Get a web developer to build a website, and have someone write the ad copy for you. You’ve just got to come up with the basic idea.

How Do I Find Freelancers?

The best place to find freelancers is by going where they hang out. Internet forums are your greatest resource. That goes for connecting with your experts as well. If you were looking to build a course on self-defense, then you should do a quick search to find a popular self-defense forum. You’ll be able to browse through the posts to narrow your options.

It’s not necessary to sell directly through your own website, but developers are all over the place. You can have an entire website built for a set price, and you can pay a subscription fee to keep your site maintained. Reaching an exceptional copywriter is going to be the toughest part, but it’s totally possible to get in touch with a talented writer. You’ve just got to pay close attention to their credentials.

Approaching Experts With an Offer

The financial side of the agreement really depends on what you feel comfortable doing. Just send out a few emails to the possible candidates you feel are capable of meeting your standards. It’s as easy as a simple proposal. Offer a set amount of payment for a specific amount of footage.

You can be as specific about the content as you want, but letting the expert create their own course outline is fine. Your main focus should be on building those connections. Every situation is going to require different levels of communication.

The key is making sure that the contract agreement gives you the freedom to do whatever you want with the content they create for you. You don’t want any intellectual property disputes when you start generating a solid profit.

Selling the Finished Product

The most profitable option is to market the product yourself. You can have a website built with an online store that allows customers to access your courses. It’s going to require effective marketing to get build awareness.

This is usually done through social media marketing or advertising campaigns. You can hire a freelancer to handle that for you. It’s still going to save you a lot of money in the long-term. The profit generated from each sale is going to go directly to you, and you’ll be able to charge more for it.

The other route is offering your course through an existing platform. You can easily find many companies that offer to sell online courses to their customer base for a cut of the profit. That percentage will vary, but it can be a very fast way to get your foot in the door.

They handle all the web hosting and advertising. That means you can skip building a website. It’s up to you to decide if it’s worth sacrificing a percentage of every sale.

Course Wesbite Setup

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Make it Happen!

You’ve got all the basics covered. Grab a pen, and do some brainstorming. You might be able to quit your job with just a few good ideas. You’ll never know until you give it a try! It doesn’t take years of skill-building to produce an effective online course that sells. Entrepreneurs like you do it every day.