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Tupac hologram raps from beyond the grave

The startlingly realistic appearance came courtesy of AV Concepts, a company specializing in holographic projection technology. According to AV Concepts, the holographic return of Tupac required months of planning in conjunction with Dr. Dre’s production company. There are quite a few YouTube videos of the performance floating around, showing the

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Google’s Project Glass: The next gen of spectacles

Google’s Project Glass demo is certainly the coolest hardware demo so far this year. Behind the scenes is something equally intriguing: artificial-intelligence software. The augmented-reality glasses, which Google co-founder Sergey Brin was spotted wearing sometime before, created a huge buzz Wednesday when Google released a video showing, from the wearer’s perspective,

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Flawed diamonds are perfect ingredients for quantum computing, just add time travel

The latest news published in Nature is that diamonds are a quantum computer’s best friend — particularly if they’re flawed. An international team of scientists sought out sub-atomic impurities in a 1mm-thick fragment of over-priced carbon and used these as qubits to perform successful calculations. A team that includes scientists