He knows "what you have downloaded"
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He knows “What you have downloaded” !

He knows "what you have downloaded"
He knows "what you have downloaded"

You use torrents to download all sorts of files and stuff, but you know that torrents are public and anyone can see the list of IPs assosiated with a torrent including yours. A bunch of programmers just did this and created a site http://www.youhavedownloaded.com. Where you can see what all torrents have an IP currently you are using.

Logging into YouHaveDownloaded.com will do a quick cross-check of your IP with the site’s database of potentially pirated downloads and show you your potentially criminal download history. More impressively, you can use the site to look up other IP addresses, torrent hashes or specific files.

At time of writing, the site has a database of nearly 54 million users (IP addresses), more than 118,000 torrents and more than 2 million files.

The site only tracks around 20% of public downloads and doesn’t keep track of dynamic IP addresses, which can be used to protect online identities. Because the site uses IP addresses, it’s also possible to have downloads appear on your history that you didn’t actually do if you’re part of a large network such as, say, Sony or Universal.

Your IP will most probably be not present in their database, but as you visit the site it would be entered. And the next time you would visit it would show the files assosiated with your IP. Give the site atleast a day after your first visit to let you index and search torrents linked with your computer.

The main loop hole we found was in case of dynamic IPs. Where you can have different IP each time you connect to the internet. When you get an IP and download, that IP is registered with the torrent. Now if the ISP allocates this IP address to another comouter than this file would show on his log on the site.

But still it is a cool concept and some cool programming. Try visit the site and do tell us how was the experience.


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