Xiaomi releases concept phone that folds on both sides

Xiaomi’s today released a concept video on popular Chinese video site “weibo“. This is not the first time a foldable concept phone video has been released. We have shared Nokia’s beautiful concept phone video before on our post “What is Creativity”.

The video’s has a description in chinese which is described in english below:

“Xiaomi’s dual-folding phone is coming! After tackling flexible folding display, four-way folding hinge, flexible cover tech, MIUI adaptation and other technical challenges, we have made the first foldable phone, and should also be the world’s first dual-folding phone. This symmetrically dual-outer-folding form factor perfectly merges the experience of a tablet and a phone, it’s both practical and beautiful. Even though it’s still a prototype, we’re showing it to you all. Feel free to share, comment and like. If you all like it, we will consider mass producing it.
Also, we would like to give this prototype a name. What do you think?I have two: Mi Dual Flex, Mi MIX Flex. Suggestions are welcome!”

Samsung’s foldable concept phone:

We have seen concept videos of foldable phone being released before but its we are yet to see a consumer foldable phone.



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