Magnetic Bacteria
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Biocomputers of the future to be made by Magnetic Bacteria

Magnetic Bacteria
Magnetic Bacteria

Researchers from the University of Leeds, UK and Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology are say that magnetic bacteria can be used to create tiny computing components, or even the biological computers in the future.

The bacterium is known as Magnetospirilllum magneticum which is a naturally occurring microorganism that lives in water. It uses its natural magnetism to with the Earth’s magnetic field lines to look for oxygen. But when they eat iron, special proteins generate tiny crystals of magnetite, giving them magnetic powers.

The researchers believe that they can essentially grow tiny magnets from the bacteria that could serve in the hard drives of the future.

Also, the team is working to produce tiny electrical wires that can transfer information through cell membranes, allowing nanoscale communication inside a computer made up of biological cells. Because these wires are highly biocompatible. This creates way for all wild ideas like biocompatible computers that can do sergery or can live permanently inside human body.



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