Everything new coming to Netflix in 2020
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Everything new coming to Netflix in 2020

Are you already done with all the existing Netflix web series collection?Want to binge-watch something for your next weekend, then you have come to the right place. Starting from this month, there is a whole lot of exciting TV series coming on Netflix, some of which are even better than previous ones. Horror, adventure, mystery. Netflix will be releasing some of the top names this year to entertain. So hold your seats tight, because this is gonna be a bumpy ride!

Masaba Masaba


This is a real-life story based on the life of designer Masaba Gupta. A famous person who has achieved everything she needed in life. The story secretly points out that she is much more than a designer. As a millennial, she is tirelessly hopping around jobs and family and is heading towards a new world where she is trying to find the love she needs. The scripted show is supposed to be launched in 2020 and will show some of the real-life incidences. To get an eye on this web-series, keep yourself updated with the official handle of Netflix on social media.

Bhaag Beanie Bhaag

This Indian web series, by Abi Varghese, Debbie Rao, and Ishan Nair, will be starring Swara Bhaskar as Beanie. This comedy genre series is going to show you how a person whose life long dream is to become a stand-up artiste is perplexed in-between her life choices. Her dreams, career with addition to her love life is going cause some real trouble in her life. She does what is asked and expected until she decides to run and go away from all the duties. Watch this show on Netflix to get a perfect entertaining experience of a stand-up artiste running for her dreams.


With Prajakta Koli as the lead of the series, this web series will show the romantic journey of two people. Fighting for each other, the tech-savvy girl “Prajakta” and a random guy will show us the various phases a couple goes through their relationship.


Messy will be a story of a stand-up comedian based in Mumbai, played by Mr.Ravi Patel. The story focuses on how the career of a normal stand up comedian goes. All the struggles, incidents, and phases are shown with respect to real-life stories and incidents. Ravi will be playing a character busy between his professional life and social life. Friends, best friends, and boss, everyone will take a toll on his mind. Keep this show on your list if you want to have some fun and learn some life lessons at the same time.


This world is not the same for everyone. And definitely not the same for a woman in uniform. This story is based on a woman who works in the police department, working as an agent to bust various crimes only to realize her true sexuality. After taking a big drug cartel, this series has pointed some of the most stereotypes formed about women and their sexual preferences. Stay tuned and keep your eyes for this one as it will bust many myths and mysteries.


Directed by the famous director Mr.Darren Criss, this series is based on the very prestigious book “The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story”. A worldwide sensation, this is one of the most awaited series of 2020, which will give you the best mystery entertainment. The story is situated in the late 1940s in the tinsel town and do watch this, for sure it will make your brows tight.

With the upcoming web series coming onto Netflix in the near future, celebrities are constantly coming on twitter, and other social media handles with #comeonnetflix hashtags. This is one of the signs that Netflix is going to give some of the biggest blockbusters of 2020. With 2020 hit critically by the COVID19, filmstars are coming onto social media to promote their next work. Make sure you check all the interesting movies and web series to get a full-fledged entertainment despite the COVID crisis. Try finding happiness among the chaos.



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