8 reasons why reading books will save you life
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8 reasons why reading books will save you life

As they say, reading is fundamental. Readers have been known to become successful in almost all of their endeavors. They also live better and fun-filled lives. For those interested, here are the top 8 ways reading can save people’s lives in one shape or form.

1) Improve verbal abilities

For people that love to read, they become better communicators due to the sheer amount of exposure they have to the written language. They can easily express their feelings and emotions in an effective way than others. They can converse effectively with all kinds of people since they can seamlessly adapt their communication skills to better suit the conversation they’re having with someone. Good verbal skills are also crucial to become successful in one’s studies, career, and achieving one’s goal. Through reading, people can hone this important skill that they use in their day to day lives.

2) Improve focus and concentration

Any reader will tell you that reading a book is very different from just reading short articles or blog posts. It takes a little more focus and attention to sit and consume a fair bit of written work. To some, it can be hard to do but with practice, it will become easier and even enjoyable to sit down with a good book. Soon, the reader will find it easier to concentrate on a task. They’ll be able to become more productive at work and all due to reading.

3) Appreciative of the arts

A study conducted by NEA concluded that people who read for fun and pleasure are more likely to visit museums and attend concerts. This is because reading broadens your idea about the world and makes you appreciate art in its various forms. Readers become aware of how important beauty and self-expression is, much more than material things. They get a better understanding of the world, how it operates, and what they can do to make it a better place for everyone.

4) Enhances your imagination

Imagination is like any muscle in the body, to make it stronger it needs to be trained. One way to do that would be through reading. Reading is more than just words. For people to appreciate what they’re reading they need to visualize the words and to do that, readers have to imagine. For beginner readers, it might take some time to stretch their imagination but with practice, it can be done. A wide imagination can help to expand your understanding.

5) Makes you smarter

Everyone knows that books are great source of knowledge and information which can help people learn a wide variety of topics at a cheap price. Reading affords readers a chance to consume a lot of information in a relatively short amount of time. Heavy readers display a lot more knowledge about general information, how things work, historical events, and a good grasp of the different kinds of people. A strong reader is associated with good academic achievement.

6) Reduces stress

Stress is one culprit to illnesses and even death. There are a lot of people who develop heart and immunity illnesses because they live a stressful life. Through reading, people can relax and take their mind away from stressful situations and intrusive thoughts. Reading has been shown to decrease a person’s stress hormone even by just reading for a couple of minutes. It can also be a way of escape for people who want to forget their daily stress.

7) Great for self-discovery

The sheer amount of books that are available for everyone to read allows readers to explore other people’s lives, opinions, viewpoints, and experiences. Readers become immersed in their world which makes them reflect on their own lives and make them understand themselves better. Other people’s experience becomes a sort of compass for others in how they live and explore their own lives.

8) For entertainment

Before the advent of modern technology, the only way people entertain themselves in their day to day lives is through reading which is why so many classical authors still exert their influence and impact to this day. Reading continues to be a great source of entertainment. Whether it is reading teen fiction books or reading a beloved childhood series, reading offers almost endless ways to entertain one’s self in the comfort of their own home.

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