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Talking About Instagram Content Management

Instagram is actively used by people aged 18-35. And audience engagement is constantly growing. All these factors have led to the fact that the social network has become an opportunity for businessmen to advertise their products and find customers.

Before you need to understand why you need Instagram for your business and brand strategies.

In this article, we will talk about Instagram content management for business.


An Instagram business account allows you to achieve better results and simplify your work. A business account will give additional opportunities and allow you to promote your profile faster. A business account allows you to:

  • Get statistics for each publication.

You will have the ability to see the age and place of residence of your subscribers, the ability to understand which posts are more responsive, how many people have read your post and how they got there.

  • The ability to specify the address in the profile description, as well as phone and e-mail;

To interest those for whom it is important to know where your office is and be able to immediately contact you.

  • Additional advertising opportunities

Such as link placement in Stories.

You can link your account to your Facebook page using the “Account” section in the settings. Select “Convert to company account” there and follow the directions. Read more about Instagram rules here.

How to build a strategy on Instagram

Think over a promotion strategy. Then you will understand how to act correctly at every step. And you will definitely have a stable result in the form of an increase in subscribers and customers.

You need:

  • a product, to have something to attract customers (a product or service);
  • desire, because the blog will not promote itself;
  • knowledge, to understand how to do and what you need specifically;
  • Skills, to act fully;
  • actions, because they will help to achieve the intended goals and results.

To draw up this plan correctly, you need to answer 3 questions:

  • What do you want to achieve with IG and why are you running a page?
  • Who is your target audience, for whom do you create content and to whom do you sell?
  • What information does your target audience need?

7 simple steps in creating an Instagram promotion strategy:

1. Objectives and format

There can be various objectives you can achieve with social media management. The most relative of them are:

  • increase queries, attract potential customers and increase the number of leads, attract buyers to offline points;
  • increase brand awareness, promote a personal brand;
  • Direct traffic to the website from IG;
  • Inform about upcoming events.

2. Target audience and it’s needs

The base of your future actions is a portrait of your target audience. The content, the profile header, and any actions, in general, depending on who your potential customers are.

3. Analysis of competitors

It is necessary to understand what is happening in the market.

4. Content

Post what potential customers are interested in.

To get information about your company/brand faster to your potential clients, use Stories Highlights.

Highlights can cover the following sections:

  • price,
  • reviews,
  • categories;
  • how to pay,
  • delivery terms,
  • about goods and services,
  • contact Information,
  • options for cooperation,
  • masterclasses and webinars,
  • Answers to FAQ`s

5. Design and style

The account design should correspond to the goals and objectives.

6. Methods of promotion

Think about what to use. Paid / free or both. If paid, then you can use a promotion service.

7. Reporting indicators

Analyze what you have done, measure it in numbers and look at the dynamics. See if you are going in the right direction, and are you approaching your goals.

Content Management on Instagram

Categories list

There are many blog topics. In addition, now Instagram allows not only posting posts but also publishing stories, IGVT. So, the variety of not only topics but also types of content on Instagram confuses the users. Therefore, it is quite difficult for a person, and especially a new subscriber, to find the information that interests him if there is no search system.

Just organizing your content isn’t enough. It is important to correctly highlight the topics: they must be relevant to the audience. In addition, names should be chosen based on the needs of potential customers. This means that the search queries of users of the social network are suitable as topics.

Correctly selected categories and lists remove the question of how to promote an account for a business on 50%.

Categories list can help to solve the following objectives:

  • Blog navigation;
  • Present the utility of a blog;
  • Ease the content-plan reaction process.


Use the categories list to decide how many times a month each of them will appear and then come up with content ideas.

Categories will allow you to always be aware of the preferences and expectations of subscribers. After all, the statistics of publications will show what content is most popular. Therefore, it is important to make appropriate adjustments to the content plan on time.

Content types

Instagram obliges to produce high-quality content of every type: posts, stories, IGTV, live videos.

Content by designation:

  1. Entertaining;

Quotes, stories, gifs, memes, etc.

  1. Educational or expert;

Instructions, opinions, myths, life hacks, news, video reviews, etc.

  1. Reputational;

Reviews, cases, information about participation in events, awards, employees, business overview, processes, etc.

  1. Engaging the audience;

Polls, games, contests, polls, discussions and discussions.

  1. Advertising and informational;

Information about products, announcements, promotions selling posts according to marketing formulas, etc.

  1. Situational;

Content that is created by the news feed with reference to its activities.

It doesn’t matter what kind of post you’re preparing, it should have a purpose. If you know what you expect from the audience, then you can go beyond the given framework and mix several described options. Understanding the goal will allow you to build a publication according to a simple and short algorithm.


On the popular social network like Instagram, everything is changing rapidly. New tools and opportunities appear, and the number of users is only growing, which means that competition is also growing.

To be successful on Instagram, you have to constantly learn and apply something new.



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