How Blockchain technology is expediting the background verification

How Blockchain technology is expediting the background verification

It is a fact that employees lie on their resume to get hired for their favorite positions. And in some cases, HR managers end up hiring a totally wrong candidate leading to performance, security, and compliance issues.

Organizations and their customers have now become more sensitive towards data security and compliance. As a result, now more than ever, businesses need to have an adequately qualified and reliable pool of employees. How do they hire the right candidate? You would say, by verifying the background of employees. Yes, organizations do deploy traditional employee background check practices to cross-check multiple credentials including educational certificates, work experience, residence location, and criminal record among others.

But, is the process fool-proof? The answer is no! Traditional verification method has its own flaws and is full of human errors. In a normal verification, a candidate can easily hide the wrong information. The situation is grim because just in the USA, more than 60 percent of candidates lie on their resumes to secure a job. Why is the number so huge? Because 48 percent HR professionals fail to validate the credentials due to lack of time or resource constraints.

The only solution to this widespread problem is Blockchain. It can make the employee background verification process faster, swifter, accessible, and reliable for everyone.

Blockchain Ensured Certificate

When you save your normal educational or professional certificate in a public Blockchain framework; it would be called a Blockchain ensured certificate. Once the certificate is uploaded in the system, an OTP is generated to ensure its genuinity. After the successful validation, the certificate is automatically transferred to the blockchain. And once it enters the Blockchain framework, it stays available online 24/7 and tamper proof.

You can access the certificate at point in time by just requesting the Blockchain entry. After you make the request, a digital certificate is sent via mail to the person along with credentials and transaction information. It is that simple!

Why Public Blockchain is used?

Public Blockchain is leveraged to ensure users have absolute control of the transaction history. It means you can use the decentralized data structure to directly exchange the information. It helps in preventing manipulation as the information is signed up through a cryptographic system. Most importantly, data theft is not possible in a decentralized structure.

Here are some other pros of having a public blockchain.

  • Achieve absolute authenticity through a tamper-proof system
  • Transfer/ send certificates digitally to anyone
  • Gain access to certificates at any point in time from anywhere
  • More transparent and fair verification process

Anyone can use Blockchain-Enabled Verification Process

  • Freelancers and job aspirants can use the platform as a reliable proof of their professional and educational certificates
  • Educational organizations can leverage the platform to issue and manage tamper-proof certificates
  • Organization can easily verify all the credentials within a few hours without contacting multiple institutes and organizations
  • Prevents bias by hiding the details of verifying party

What is in Store for Candidates?

Candidates can leverage their already verified documents through Blockchain to apply for jobs. A Blockchain-verified resume will definitely stand out in the pool of hundreds of job applications and would increase the prospects of securing a job. This also helps the hiring manager to easily weed out ineligible job applications.

It helps in increasing the transparency of the hiring process and encourages fair competition among candidates. It also prevents whataboutery and casual accusations of unfair practices.

Contactless Verification Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 has upturned traditional business processes. This is the time to innovate and adapt to the new world norms. Blockchain technology can enable organizations to make the background verification process more safe for humans. Blockchain-enabled background verifications can also help businesses to hire and verify employees remotely with confidence. You just have to login in a public Blockchain system and validate the data.

What is the Future of Blockchain-Ensured Certification?

With work from home becoming the norm. Gig economy will grow at a faster pace in the coming years. Employees will do multiple jobs and have diverse experiences. Physically validating every bit of information would become almost impossible for organizations. A Blockchain-enabled verification process is the only situation in such a scenario to conduct fool-proof background verification reliably.

In Summary

An increasing number of businesses will use Blockchain technology for employee background checks. Because it is more feasible, reliable, and affordable. It would also enable businesses to hire employees globally from diverse backgrounds to fuel business growth. Businesses will enjoy the efficiency, reliability, and affordability of Blockchain-enabled employee background verification.



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