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Chameleon: A must for Android Tabs

Android tablet owners may have opted for their device over an iPad due to support for widgets, but a new home screen app called Chameleon is like widgets on steroids. And Chameleon’s developers are using Kickstarter to sell their app before it’s even released: A $5 backing will get you a copy of Chameleon if the project funds hits the $50,000 goal by June 15 (hat tip to Liliputing). After just a day on Kickstarter, Chameleon has already passed $6,700 in funding. After you see the software in action, you’ll understand why.

Instead of simple widgets, Chameleon is a dynamic set of home screens that you can customize on an Android tablet running Honeycomb 3.2 or better. The minimum screen resolution supported is 1280 x 800, so some of the early, small Android tablets may not work. What’s interesting about Chameleon is that its developers understand that users often open up groups of apps repeatedly at different times of the day or in different locations. So the app will change what it displays based on those two attributes, as configured by you.

The other intelligent bit here is that development team is looking to Kickstarter for the app. Of course it could build it, submit it to Google and get Chameleon in the app store for the same $5 price tag. By using Kickstarter, however, it guarantees a minimum amount of revenue up front instead of using Google Play and hoping to gain traction in a sea of apps. Clever on both accounts and good enough for $5.



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