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35 Feet Long Cheat Sheet With 25,000 Answers Caught

If you have cheated before in your school/college, then you would have probably written answers on erasers or calculators, exchanged stuff with friends in the examination hall. But you would have never ever cheated like this brave student who got caught cheating from a 35-feet long cheat sheet with 25000 answers. This guy took cheating to another higher level.

The effort done to make such a magical cheat sheet couldn’t be imagined. The cheat sheet had answer to probably every question. Obviously, what’s left after writing 25000 answers! It’s so comprehensive that the school that caught him cheating should name him valedictorian and not punish him. But unfortunately everyone this world is not like that. Hope our teachers would be like that too.

It was a high school student who was caught cheating in an university entrance examination in Kazakhstan. He was caught only because he was rustling and fiddling with his clothes too much even before the test had started. According to Austrian Times, his cheat sheet or ‘Notes’ to be more precise included 25000 answers that covered maths, history, Kazhak and another subject of student’s choice. I wonder why didn’t he studied rather making such a huge cheat sheet. Hope the university accepts him too.




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