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What are the things worth noticing in a person?

Q. WHAT are the five most basic and common characteristics worth noticing in a person?

This world is full of people. We meet some right ones and some wrong ones. Most right ones stay and Ummmm… wrong ones, however much we try, they leave. but how to realize that a person we have met is genuine or fake. so basically to lessen all the heartbreaks we face after people leave us, here are just some signs worth noticing in someone you are getting closer to…


this is the most basic characteristic to go for in anyone. if an individual can communicate well or is a good conversationalist, this shows their present-mindedness. if they are witty, humorous or outspoken, it shows a sign of an aware person. but one should remember that being verbose “SHOULD NOT” mean being rude or saying crap. if you are comfortable with them and even enjoy the silence between you both, then its surely a signal to move a step further in your friendship.


Personality is about the way one carries or projects itself. Its about grooming your own-self. its defined as a combination of qualities that forms an individual’s distinctive character. personality is often mistaken and limited to just a 5-letter word- LOOKS, which is totally not worth because everyone in this world cannot be tom cruise or Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. everyone has their own individuality and one should not compare it with others.


You obviously don’t want to go for someone who is DUMB or to be subtle enough… has low I.Q. Guys should not always look for just BEAUTY in a gal because after a point they know they’ll be back to pavilion with all their tech-love-talks and stop saying those cute lovey type statements to a gal. so, of course, a BEAUTY with NO BRAIN can’t understand those techiepedia. same goes for gals. stop always going for macho looks in a guy because an intellectual one will understand you way much better and will handle you well emotionally than a six-pack hunk.


This point has 3 basic subheadings: self-respect, respect for you and respect for others. A genuine person always exhibits all the type of respect mentioned above. one who does not respect others cannot respect you and obviously not themselves. so watch out for the ones who are rude and brutal.


Now when you have analysed the aforesaid four points, last characteristic to analyse is that they should accept you the way you are  and same goes for you. both of you should not start pin-pointing every other minor mistake or negative trait in each other because nobody in this world can be perfect. accepting each other with all their pros and cons is what we call true friendship.

so now, this is just a little analysis to check whether a person is genuine or not. don’t get panicky or become a paranoid checking every gesture of your new friend. enjoy the time you both spend with each other. remember, we can’t control everything in our lives because some things just stay the way they are meant to be… 

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