The Prophet (book) : The philosophy of life
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The Prophet – Philosophy of life: A must read book

The Prophet (book) : The philosophy of life
The Prophet (book) : The philosophy of life

Kahlil Gibran is the third most widely read poet in history, having been translated well over 40 languages. His book “The Prophet”, which is a collection of 21 essays, is his most remembered work. This book which was first published in 1923, manages to strike a chord with today’s audience with the same reverie as it used to 80 years ago.

These are poetic essays which focus on life as a whole. Almustafa, the prophet, who is about to leave Orphalese after 12 years to return to his isle of birth answers the questions of the people of Orphalese on love, marriage, children, prayer, pleasure, beauty, religion, pain and other such topics. What Almustafa replies to each question is beautiful! His answers are universal and life changing. These essays are lyrical and set a rhythm into the reader.

Claude Bragdon had once said, “His power came from some great reservoir of spiritual life else it could not have been so universal and potent, but the majesty and beauty of language with which he clothed it was all his own.” Indeed, the kind of command over language Gibran has displayed in this book is commendable and mesmerizes us.

It is a must read for any thinker!



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