Tesla Model Y

Why Is New Tesla Car Called “Model Y”? Can You Solve The Mystery

Tesla just announced the new model that will be called as “Tesla Model Y”. Elon Musk is a big fan of puns, codewords and likes to name products with references from Pop Culture. Model Y is the fifth car to be released by Tesla Motors and the name is a part of a bigger plan.

Am I Even Making Sense? Clues???

Let me explain. Tesla’s first car was called Roadster and we will ignore it for the sake of this post as it’s not important.

Let me give you a few clues.

The second car which Tesla released was called “Model S”. The car is a sedan class luxury car and it is believed that “S” is for Sedan here. That’s the first clue.

Tesla Model X
Tesla Model X

The next car was called “Model X” and it featured the famous automatic folding “Falcon Wings Door”. It is believed that the car with its door open looks like the shape “X” and hence the name. This is the second clue.

The fourth car released by Tesla was called “Model 3”. Well, “3” is not even a letter. Originally Tesla wanted to call the car as “Model E” but unfortunately, “Mercedez Benz” already owns the rights for “E” as they have launched their own “E Series” long back. But it was very important to have the letter look like “E’, hence Tesla went with “3′ as “3” looks like a reversed “E”. This should be the biggest hint for you to know why is the next Tesla called model “Y”.

The above paragraphs are full of clues and we think you must have figured it out already as to why did Tesla call its new model “Y”. Don’t worry if you haven’t figured it out yet. Just read the next paragraph where it will all make sense.

Let’s put it all together

So, when you put the three letters together you get “S” “X” and “3”. On reordering them we get “S”, “3” and “X” or in short “SEX”. But Tesla isn’t aiming at calling its car range SEX, hence the new model is called “Y”. The new model makes the four cars together spell “S.E.X.Y.”.

Isn’t that so cool! Let us know what you think.



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