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Start-Ups that make the World a better place

Everybody on the internet isn’t trying to make money or get fame. There are a few people who are working to make the world a better place too. Some companies have used technology to empower the people by activities like rewarding volunteers for their exceptional work or by making petitions and supporting revolutions. All these companies work differently but they all have a common aim of changing lives and improving the society. Some of these organizations are:

1. Cause.it

Big IdeaCause.it is a game-based mobile app that rewards the hard work of volunteers with discounts or other deals at local businesses.

Why It’s Working: Volunteers love getting discounts at local shops, and the shop-owners gain popularity from partnering with good causes. Also such discounts motivates volunteers and inspires other people to join as well.

2. Change.org

Big IdeaChange.org is a platform to run your own online campaign. It is a digital petition site that enables anyone to sign a petition for a cause.

Why It’s Working: The impact of change.org is visible all over the world. From SOPA to Trayvon Martin movement, the website has proved the power of digital petition.

3. Portable Light Project

Big Idea: The Portable Light Project enables people in the developing world to create and own energy-harvesting textiles. Thus, accelerating the global clean energy movement.

Why It’s Working: The Portable Light Project team has developed an inexpensive solar textile kit. This kit provides renewable power that can be adapted to meet the energy needs of people around the world.

4. mmMule

Big IdeammMule is a social travel network. Through mmMule travelers can deliver goods to locals and receive a valuable “experience”, which could be a night in their town or travel tips or something else.

Why It’s Working: mmMule is making a big impact through the barter system in its charitable and non-profit sector, “AngelMule”. Travelers deliver needed goods to charities all over the world and gain lifetime experiences in return.

5. CleanTechnica

Big IdeaCleanTechnica is considered as the most-visited dedicated clean energy site in the US. It aggregates the latest news in green science and technology.

Why It’s Working: CleanTechnicia holds a strong place in the sustainable transportation category. It’s a valuable resource in the evolving and expanding electric vehicle market.

Source: mashable.org



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