Remote controlled cockroach cyborgs
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Scientist demonstrate Cockroaches that would Follow Your Orders

Scientist have already demonstrated maneuvered and controlled insects which could be guide to follow a path. Even you can just use a “DIY kit” to build your own remote controlled cockroach, a cyborg cockroach!

A team of researchers from NC State have taken this to the next level. They have developed an electronic interface through which they were able to remotely control cockroaches along fairly precise paths.

The basic idea behind this research for cyborg cockroaches is to use insects at places where humans cannot go like chemical contamination site or a collapsed building. Through this technology, the robotics researchers can achieve such power without building complete robots to work. But they would have to control cockroaches in order to make this work.

NC State team of researchers have found a way to do so. They can tap cockroaches ‘ natural sensory pathway to stimulate certain movements.

Researchers fitted a 0.7 gram micro-controller at the cockroach’s back and wired it to its antennae and cerci. Cerci senses movement in the air and gives the roach a sense that something is approaching from behind, prompting it to move forward. While the antennae senses the obstacles at the front and tells it to turn left or right to avoid physical impediment.

The researchers can prompt the “biobotic” cockroaches to scurry forward by sending small electric impulses to its organs. They have demonstrated their success with a cyborg cockroach following a curved path.

If you still don’t believe it, see the video yourself.




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