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7 Myths About Working Out You Probably Had No Idea About

Usually, there are only 2 main reasons why people work out, to stay healthy and to look good. Between various old fitness methods and new online sources with fitness bloggers and social media influencers, people at times also come across something that might not be true. Hence, it becomes very difficult to determine the difference between a truth and a myth. So there are 7 myths about working out that you should know about in order to achieve a better fitness regime: 

1. More the cardio, more the weight loss

If you think that spending hours on a treadmill can do the magic trick and melt away all your excess fat, you are in for a shock. For example, if you eat something with a dose of 3200 calories, you would have to burn 3200 calories. And, based on some researches, on an average, a human body burns a little over 100 calories by running a mile, no matter what the size or speed is. So to burn 3200 calories, you would have to run 32 miles, looks a little unlikely. Cardio is necessary but overdoing it won’t reap you the desired results. What you need is a healthy diet and a useful set of activities.

2. You should go to the gym on a daily basis

It is a simple logic for many that the more exercise you do, the healthier you will become. Especially, if you can go to the gym daily, you should go. But what people don’t understand is that the human body also needs its rest and the muscles need some time to calm down and revive. If you are not resting your body and hitting the gym without giving your body a chance to wind down, your muscle fibers will be too wiped out to develop. So it is better to hit the gym on alternate days or take a day or two off every week.

3. Lifting exercises will make your muscles bulky

Many women fear that lifting weights would make them bulky. However, this fear is more or less unfounded. There is no doubt that lifting exercises will help you gain some muscles. However, it also requires a lot of other workouts in addition to lifting exercises. From consuming the right amount of calories every day to doing different kinds of right exercises on a regular basis to truly gain some real and sustaining muscle bulk. So, you need not to worry about gaining bulky muscles when you are doing lifting exercises unless you are putting some real hard effort.

4. More sweating means more fat burn

When you are doing cardio, and sweating a lot, you might think that you are burning lots of fat off your body. Unfortunately, this isn’t how it works. Whatever weight you lose because of cardio, most of it is a loss of water from the body and not fat. Losing water will only dehydrate you and it might fluctuate your overall weight a little, but there won’t be any major fat burn.

5. If your body isn’t sore then your workout was a waste

This is not true. Although tenderness and workout intensity are occasionally associated, sore muscles are not always a good indicator of a good workout. It only means that a substantial amount of pressure was put on the muscles. It is not necessary that you will have sore muscles after having a good workout session.

6. Stretching should be done before a training

Even though it’s true to some extent that you shouldn’t just jump right into your training, you can do the standing stretches afterward. The main goal before working out is to improve the flexibility of the muscles. You can do it some dynamic warm-ups, where you should keep your body into motion, instead of static stretches. Stretches would be more useful after the training sessions.

7. Yoga isn’t a real exercise

Most people think of Yoga as just doing a series of gentle stretches. But those are only starting levels. Doing tougher and higher level of Yoga stretches can be great for your fitness and health. They will also help you make stronger abs, and lose extra inches.

Health and fitness should never be neglected and such myths should never become our excuses to not do the needful for our body. As it’s rightly said, your body is your temple, take care of it. Are there any such myths that you find your friends or relatives sing every now and then? Do mention them in the comments, to help others.



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