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7 Easy Ways to Prepare Your Body, Mind, and Soul for Summers

Summer is the season of both hate and love. The season is loved because of the seasonal foods that are occasionally available and also because of the endless fun the people have in the warmer weather. The season is also hated for the pollution, the stinky sweat and finally the instant tanning of the skin. Here are 7 easy ways to prepare your body, mind and the soul for summers.

Follow A Summer Diet

During warmer days, drinking plenty of water keeps your body hydrated. It is always good if you stick to summer seasonal foods that have high water content such as watermelon and cucumber which has immense health benefits.

Also, you can drink the fruit infused water which rejuvenates the skin and hydrates the body. You can drink it by adding chia seeds which gives an extra flavor to the drink. Who doesn’t love a beverage that is both healthy and tasty?

In addition, please try avoiding oily street foods and junk foods that are fried and soaked in the oil. Eating light foods is essential; else the body could generate excess heat that results in sleeplessness, indigestion and food poisoning.

Summer masks the Beauty

Your skin and hair might undergo a lot of abuse in summers. Your hair might become frizzy and skin tends to lose its moisture because of the high sun exposure. It would be better if you stick to natural products. For instance, you can use the Aloe Vera gel which is more effective in reducing the sunburn.


A cold foot bath instantly cools your body! You just have to mix a few drops of rose water with a half a bucket of cold water and rinse your feet for about 10-15 minutes. Immersing tired joints and muscles stimulates blood flow, reduces inflammation, removes toxins, and finally removes excess heat from the body. Then, why not try an ice bath to your feet?

Apply Lighter or No Makeup

It is already known that people sweat a lot during the summers! Applying makeup when you sweat a lot makes no sense because it can easily crease and sometimes can also clog your pores. If you would wish you apply makeup, then you can probably opt the ones that are waterproof.

Get your Summer Wardrobe Ready

The summer gets, even more, better by wearing lightweight and light colored clothes. There is nothing better than cotton clothes in summer because it allows better air circulation and absorbs body moisture that is caused by sweat.

Most importantly, you should avoid wearing synthetic fabrics because it does not breathe. As a result, the sweat doesn’t dry off, and most likely you will be prone to many skin infections.

A Few Minutes of Healthy Work Out Is A Must

Since we generally spend most of the time at home during summers, we tend to become lazy. It is important for us to stay active. This is accomplished by carrying out a healthy exercise in the morning, especially!

If the temperature is high, you can exercise indoors, at a gym, or participate in an outdoor activity that keeps your body cool, like swimming!

Things to carry while Going Out

Sunscreen should be an important part of your skin care in the summers, not only to protect your skin from tanning and burning, but also to avoid ageing of your skin. Always carry sunscreen and a pair of sunglasses to protect you from the harmful UV radiations. Another thing to remember is to carry a hat, cap or jacket in your bag in order to prevent the sunburn.



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