Makeup Shopping With Virtual Try-On
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Makeup Shopping With Virtual Try-On

It is every girl, woman, man, and even kid’s favorite pastime to spend some time just roaming around the mall and looking at things that we may or may not need. It is an activity that brings womenfolk so much joy but men are not very far behind either. 

The new generation of men find a sense of satisfaction and curiosity in checking out tech stores, the latest gizmos, and even those shoes they have been eyeing on for quite a while. 

All of these window shopping experiences have been made more progressive with technologies such as virtual try on and augmented reality to enhance the shopper’s experience by helping them shop with ease even from the comforts of their own home. 

One can find these technologies in various technology-driven outlets in major malls such as television stores, Playstation stores, retail outlets such as fashion boutiques, accessories, and many such exclusive showrooms. 

What is Virtual Try-On?

Virtual try-on is a feature that lets customers try different kinds of products virtually by taking a video image or a photograph of themselves via the hardware which then applies the various products to the client using graphics and computer imaging. 

This technology is used majorly in retail formats in exclusive showrooms and even in websites where the clients can try on millions of products without actually visiting the store as such. 

Some of the prime examples of retail outlets that have adopted this kind of technology to enhance the shopping experience of clients are jewelry showrooms, fashion outfits, shoes and accessories, makeup websites, etc, and has even roped in major brands such as Zara outlets in some exclusive locations. 

Virtual try-on and augmented reality is shaping up to be the next best thing in the retail industry and is pushing the boundaries of sales and marketing to the next realm by creating a competitive and yet intriguing platform for the customers and the business partners respectively. 

Virtual Try-On for Makeup Products

Makeup products are now being sold exclusively online by many vendors owing to the ease and shifting trends in the internet shopping module. Many customers routinely order their favorite makeup products online instead of going to the stores and spending a lot of time. 

Especially in the covid era, internet shopping has become the mainstream way of buying makeup essentials for most women. But studies suggest that women still love to go to stores to experience new products and try on various products when they are looking to create new choices and switching up the regulars. 

This hurdle in the internet shopping industry has now been overcome by virtual try-on technology. This technology lets websites build in a feature where the customer can simply record their face or body profile using the webcam or with an existing picture and virtually try on anything such as lipsticks, foundations, concealers, blushes, jewelry, garments, accessories, bags, and even shoes. 

Benefits of Virtual Try-On in the Makeup Industry

There are plenty of benefits of using this technology in the makeup market such as:

  • Creating a platform to virtually access new makeup
  • Virtually try on products 
  • Save and share images to get feedback from family and friends
  • Easily recollect which ones have been tried on and review later on
  • Help make faster choices when it comes to color and scheme
  • Creates a better experience platform attracting more customers



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