7 Amazing Active Vacation Ideas to Keep You Fit and Refreshed
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7 Amazing Active Vacation Ideas to Keep You Fit and Refreshed

Being cooped up indoors for too long has all kinds of implications on your mind and body. The pandemic has caused many countries to organize state-wide lockdowns, travel bans, and the added restrictions for socialization haven’t helped at all.

Now that some of the restrictions and travel bans are slowly being lifted, you might be hankering for a skiing and snowboarding adventure, or a trip to an exotic corner of the world ideal for diving, you can plan your next trip. However, consider this an opportunity to achieve another goal: to be physically active enough to restore your sense of fitness once again.

Truth be told, for anyone who knows how to transform an ordinary getaway into an adventure, this means just another weekend of exploration. For others, on the other hand, this might pose a challenge for their stamina and endurance. Here, we’ll list a few incredible vacation ideas that will get you to remote corners of the world but also challenge your fitness abilities. 

Go on a cycling adventure across Vietnam

If you don’t mind the legwork and the heavy climate, then cycling in Vietnam might just be the perfect recipe for a fitness-based vacation for you. There are pre-built tours getting you from one area to another over the course of several days when you get to cycle your way through some of the most stunning natural regions in the world.

A mixture of uphill battles, quite literally, rice paddies, and misty roads is what makes these emerald adventures in Vietnam worth the workout.

Photo by Getaway Vacations on Unsplash

Hit the slopes in Vermont, USA

A typical vacation pitstop for many in the US, Vermont is a favorite for international travelers, as well, and for a number of great reasons. If you’re looking for different winter scenery, Vermont is brimming with cross-country skiing opportunities for the experienced skier.

You’ll find the area is packed with rentals for equipment as well as clothing stores to make sure you’re protected during this particular adventure. Find a lodge that suits your needs, and you’ll get access to vast areas of snow-covered meadows, valleys, and forests to explore.

Charter a fishing board in Narooma, Australia

When you think of fishing, you probably imagine that lovely, serene scene at a river or lakeshore, as you sit idly, waiting for the fish to bite. As with so many things in Australia, you can expect things to be a bit extreme, fishing included. There are various available fishing charters in Narooma on the NSW coast, where you’ll get access to the finest fishing equipment and reach the best fishing spots in the area.

Plus, the fish you catch will prove to be quite a challenge, rest assured. Some of the species are exceptionally heavy (and feisty), so they’ll put up a fight. For example, a Narooma snapper can weigh around 13kg (the record in Australia was over 18kg), and you’ll need expert help to catch these beasts safely. 

Photo by Ting Tse Wang on Unsplash

Go surfing on the southern fringe of France

To go beyond the clichés, we’ve switched this travel guide a little bit to grant you more than your typical Australia-based surfing trips and French wineries. Did you know that the south of France is a treasure trove of perfect surfing spots that are on par with any other surfing mecca of the world, California included?

The beauty of surfing in France is that you can take your pick between low-key beaches where you can start your basic training in this sport, or you can discover the most thrilling waves in Europe. If you decide to travel when all the restrictions subside, you can also attend a surfing event to see how the pros do it.

Dare to experience the walking safari in Zambia

Can you imagine yourself spending hours observing wild animals in their natural habitat, unhindered by the enclosure of a vehicle? The thrill of the experience will have you overloaded with adrenaline as you take a walking safari tour in Zambia, famous for its unparalleled sense of adventure.

You’ll come face to face with some of the world’s most glorious big cats, watch a pride of lions bask in the sun, or hold your breath as you wait for the leopard to capture its prey. Small-scale groups make this an excellent choice considering the pandemic, and a perfect pick for your post-pandemic travel itinerary. 

Photo by KAL VISUALS on Unsplash

Go kayaking around Cuba

At the mention of this marvelous country, you might envision gentle beach waves, endless sunsets, and let’s not forget about delicious cocktails while you lounge on the sand. Consider this opposite land, and book a kayaking adventure in Cuba, instead. 

For a full eight days, you get to work on your upper-body strength with all those hours of rowing, and you’ll see some of the most secluded nooks and crannies of the region. Keep in mind the trip isn’t limited to kayaking alone, so the rest of your body will get a fair chance to train, too. 

Some hiking trails are impossible to miss, and you’ll want to snorkel and see the vivid underwater life of Cuba, too. The beauty of the tour is that it’s all-inclusive, so you get fully paid accommodation, meals, and all entrance fees, as well.

Head to a yoga retreat in Greece

After some hardcore fishing trip suggestions and surfing escapades, you may think that yoga doesn’t fit this particular fitness bill. You’d be so wrong to make that assumption! Depending on the level of the course and the skills you already possess, you will easily find a yoga retreat that will be challenging enough for you.

For a fun-packed Greek trip, you can book a Corfu yoga retreat that is far from limited to yoga. In fact, you can also expect some hiking, double yoga classes on a daily basis, but you can book additional activities. For instance, you can learn a Greek dance or book a horseback riding session. With beach-side yoga with impressive views and all those activities, your body will be in for a challenge.

Over to you

Adventures for true adrenaline junkies can be found everywhere in the world, it’s just a matter of research and preparation. Let this list serve as your source of adventure inspiration for your next getaway, and you’ll hopefully have a filled itinerary that will keep you both enthralled with the beauty and fit for every challenge.

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