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Forget Pads: 4 Reliable Menstrual Products to Replace Disposable Pads!

The average woman has an estimated 500 periods in her lifetime. Roughly, 70% of women in India use pads. In her lifetime, women would probably use up to 16,000 pads. Pads are the most commonly used menstrual products in the world.

Some manufacturers bleach pad using chlorine dioxide, producing trace amounts of toxic chemical, called dioxin. As a result, you are unknowingly absorbing bleach through the vagina. Also, the average women produce roughly 62,415 pounds of waste menstrual products. So, why still use pads? let’s look at the alternatives that women can rely on, during their periods.

1. Tampons

It is another way for you to absorb menstrual blood; highly used in USA and Europe, when compared to India. The blood absorption is done inside the vagina through tampons. It is basically made up of an absorbent material which is pressed into the cylindrical shape so that it can be inserted into the vagina. Once the tampon receives the menstrual fluid, it starts expanding. Most of the tampons come with the string at the other end, which hangs outside the vagina and helps in the removal process. However, you will have to change the tampons every 6-7 hours after the insertion.

2. A menstrual cup

The most disgusting thing about pads and tampons is changing them just after a few hours again and again! Want to be free from the feeling that you are not on periods and have that satisfaction that you are not bleeding? Then, opt for a menstrual cup which is pocket-friendly and extremely eco-friendly and can be re-used for almost 5 years! A menstrual cup is a flexible rubbery cup made out of silicon which has natural antibacterial properties, and it doesn’t absorb anything.

The procedure followed in using menstrual cups:

1.    Fold the cup in half, so that it takes the shape of the letter “U” or “C”.

2.    Insert the folded cup into the vagina. The cup unfolds naturally once inside and is ready to receive the menstrual blood as it reaches the vagina.

3.    The cup can be taken out after 10-12 hours. The cup can then be washed and reused

3. Flex Rings

This product is a middle ground between menstrual cups and tampons. Unlike menstrual cups, they are completely disposable and you don’t have to wash and reuse them. You can squeeze the flex ring in half and insert it into the vagina. Once after the insertion, it comfortably stays in for up to 12 hours, even on your heaviest days. It is made out of hospital grade materials, and therefore there is no need of worrying about the allergens.

4. The Period Underwear

By using this particular product, you will be letting your period discharge flow straight in to your underwear. Once the blood leaks into the panties, it is absorbed like pads The panties for up to 4 to 5 hours depending on your flow. Finally, there are no leakage problems with period underwear, but you just have to wash it after every use.



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