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Lamb Of God

Lamb Of God
Lamb Of God
Lamb Of God
Lamb Of God :

This is an original composition by Sanchit Gupta.


Undeniable truth of the vast universe
The rocks, the land
The oceans and rivers
Thou are his children
All this, his thoughts
I am his messenger

He is the origin,
The central fire
The peace within
Underneath the mire
The piller of stregth
My ray of hope
When between overcasting shadows
blinded, I grope

Though he gifts his love
His holy righteousness
But when his fury takes its toll
With unsung force
His wrath crashes
And burns the sinner to his soul
In him alone, my faith lies
I am his faithful servent
He is mine, and i am his
He obeserves everything that under went
He is the teacher
The painter of colours
He is the ultimate poet
He created this world
With utmost dedication
Love it and show it

Since I was born
Until I would be no more
My Lord will command me
No guilt, no fear I have
No power, no matter how huge

Can ever take me away from thee
My faith unshattered, is his
Nothing can render my belief
Hate the sin, not the sinner
O Father, have mercy on them theives
Who dont believe, my Father
They are still your children
Though, forsaken from their paths
They walk with blurred vision

He makes you pay for your sins
He brings out storms and droughts
Undermined by dwelling responsiblities


P.S. This has no reference to the rock band “Lamb Of God”


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Written by Sanchit Gupta

A musician and writer by choice while an engineer by profession.... music is something that runs in my veins... doesnt mean i am from a musical background.. no my family aint related even a bit to music and the idea of being a musician is forbidden. but still. you cant stop whats gonna happen. adventure is something i crave for. and photography my life. i believe that either love what you do or dont do it at all.


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