A reminder
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A Reminder

A reminder
A reminder

How the world is concerned about itself. People following their lives, their destinies. Bothered by their broken hearts, lonely moments and complaining about ‘life’, how it was and how it could be.

The plans that didn’t come to a finish, the love stories that couldn’t be as desired, the targets that were just missed.. We find all the reasons to be sad and demoralized.

We wake up each morning, start a new day, missing upon the beauty of another day of the existence of our soul, which is pure, the profound heartbeats are ignored. Our corrupt mind and senses take over, the beauty of being a part of the most beautiful dynasty fades away. How easily we forget the power of a gentle smile, a heartfelt laughter, and that of a serene touch.

How easily we give up and allow ourselves to be guided by the ‘worldly’ ways rather than following our instinct, our call.

Why do we feel strange to hug people we care for, why do we hold ourselves back and not reach out for the hand of the person who needs that hold, why do we suppress our feelings. We live a life of fear.

Fear of loosing out on people and material possessions. As a clan why do we sideline the fact that we all are one. so expressing your love and care would only do good to those who are actually waiting for your gestures.

At least today, Please don’t hold back.



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