The “Presence” !

The Presence
The Presence
The Presence
The Presence :

The presence of that one person in your life, who lets you be and makes you grow as a person is a must.

We come across so many wonderful people everyday, failing to acknowledge what they bring to our lives in one way or the other.

When I walk down the road or cross one in my car, looking at people’s faces and their engagements in their own lives makes me wonder, how does the world look from their eyes; how would it be to think their thoughts? Would it still look the same or would it change its stance?

Watching people and their movements around become our experience at many times. One day I learned about my house maid. I always found her to be sweet and delicate, like any other girl. She told us how she got educated at school, wishing to become a graduate some day. But marriage and the need of money made her end up doing chores at our place. My heart ached. And now when I see her stealing glances when I am working on my computer, I call her to learn it, but she shies away. She reads the same magazines that we do and enjoys the same jokes like us. Her struggle and her story would always be an inspiration. Only if I had been unaware of what that lovely face has hidden beneath it, I would have missed that special bond I share with her.

Being taken to office by a new driver each day, I again wonder if each one of them has a story to tell as was that of Aravind Adiga’s protagonist in the ‘White Tiger’. And I am sure they would have a far more intriguing background than that fictional character. Sometimes listening to their experiences is so enriching, that you forget about arriving at your destination!

At office, there are hugs awaiting, the enchantments expected, the experiences garnered and the learning to be taken from everyone around.

Life can be such a good teacher.  Only if we bother to listen closely, it keeps whispering in our ears!

The sound of the universe, the people around and the soul inside defines our presence, the existence and as someone called it – our “hasti”.


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Written by Vani Verma


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