Soundwave Gesture Recognition
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Gesture Recognition using Sound Waves: Microsoft makes it POSSIBLE

Soundwave Gesture Recognition
Soundwave Gesture Recognition

Till now people just played on XBox Kinect using their physical gestures, but now they can even control their PC’s with their physical gestures. But unlike Kinect this new technology doesn’t uses any cameras!!!!!!!!!

Rather it uses “inaudible sound waves” to detect your gestures. This new technology is known as “SoundWave”. This technology controls computers with gestures that are evaluated by sound. It requires a microphone and speaker to work, as the system emits a constant inaudible tone that is altered by movements in front of the computer. The microphone detects changes in frequency made by gestures, and the software determines which gesture was made by the user. It basically uses Doppler’s Effect to sense the gestures.

This technology is still under research @ ‘Microsoft Research’ and is not available for PCs right now. However, since it is very costly to provide gesture recognition sensors (cameras and other hardware) in mobile platforms. Hopefully this SoundWave technology would be feasable and efficient.

To see SoundWave technology live in action click here



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