How To Cut These Fruits

Ever thought you were cutting these fruits wrong all along? Learn how to cut like a pro!

Fruits are a great way to pack energy and good nutrients into our diet. But our ignorance about cutting fruits is increasing wastage and reducing the aesthetics of presenting them to our loved ones. I never knew that I was cutting so many fruits in the wrong way.

After watching these videos, you would also realize that there is so much more to fruit cutting than our usual ways. Whether you want to boost your kitchen skills or make your kid smile with a decoratively cut fruit, these videos will enhance your culinary skills to cut fruits like a pro.


In this video, Dani gives us an easy tip for dicing mangoes in a way that reduces wastage and allows the fruit to be used in several recipes like mango shakes, smoothie, salads, and to add it in custard.


If you have been cutting watermelon in just one way all your life, then here are a few variations that you would love to try. From making your watermelon look like popsicles to carving out small watermelon balls, this video gives some insights into how you may be doing it wrong all this time.


This video doesn’t just tell you how to slice the apples using a fun tic-tac-toe method, it also tells you how you can keep the apples fresh by spritzing the cut slices with lemon juice.  If you cut the apples through the center and end up slicing down the core which holds the apple pits then this video will be helpful.


If you love kiwis, then you already know how much of a task it is to peel and cut the kiwis without squishing the fruit. In this video, you can find out how common kitchen items, the egg slicer and a spoon, can help you peel and cut a kiwi. The video also covers other fruits like strawberries and avocadoes that do well under the egg slicer too.


I know many people who choose not to buy pineapples only because it is too difficult to cut these hardy-looking fruits. And if you have been thinking that it requires you to first peel the skin, remove the eyes and then core the center then you have been doing it the wrong way. The idea is to cut the fruit just the opposite way around. You start by cutting the pineapple and then removing the center and finally peeling away its skin.

Dragon Fruit

Since its entry in the Indian markets, dragon fruit has become a favorite in many Indian kitchens because of its high nutrient value. However, cutting or peeling it is a mess when done inappropriately. This video will equip with the right technique.


I’ve struggled with the pomegranate a lot of times until I learned this cool technique to cut it in a way that all the seeds could easily come off the shell. While it seems simple, it may take a few tries for you to master the technique. The idea is to make sure that you cut the skin carefully through the lines.

I hope that you will enjoy cutting these fruits the next time you bring them home. If you know of easy techniques to cut fruits too, then share it with us in the comments.



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