Must-Have Thai Foods in Balmain
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Must-Have Thai Foods in Balmain

Balmain is home to different cultures and has residents from around the world specializing in their cuisines. Thai food is very popular among residents of Balmain. Thai in Balmain is known for its authentic flavor and perfection. Since one might be iffy about trying new cuisines, they must try the best restaurants that serve the real thing with excellence. Thai food consists of several dishes created with patience and quality. Trying Thai is a delight to experience at least once in life. 

Here are some Thai foods that gained popularity for their superior flavors and careful preparation.

Pad Thai

Pad Thai is the most famous Thai dish liked by everyone. Since one cannot go wrong with noodles, Pad Thai in Balmain is the best choice for beginners. Pad Thai consists of flat noodles made to perfection. These noodles are best handmade and not store-bought. They are long and chewy, which helps them absorb the flavors easily. 

The sauce consists of vinegar, sugar, and tamarind paste giving it a tangy taste. Toss it in with shrimp, peanuts, eggs, or all of them to add to the flavor. Vegetarians can use tofu for their preparation. Fish sauce is an additional element added for the salty taste and health benefits. 

Pad See Ew

This dish is similar to Pad Thai but consists of a different base. The rice noodles are authentic to Thai culture and are super healthy for those who want to eat better. These flat noodles are wok-tossed, too. Popularly, people like to use beef as the primary meat in the noodles, but chicken is a superb alternative option. Tofu fits well when the noodles are a little soupy. 

A mix of soy sauces sets the base to make it flavourful. Adding salt and pepper is necessary since it can taste too bitter otherwise. These noodles are cooked over a high flame, so they have the burnt fry taste to them. Cook the beef/chicken/tofu to an appropriate level and then transfer it to the primary wok to mix all the ingredients. A fully cooked beef or tofu piece can turn overcooked over the flame. 

Penang Noodles

Penang noodles consist of peanuts as the main ingredient. These noodles are comparatively thinner and longer. It is also super dry and serves well with sauces. The sauce is prepared in a blender, while other dishes have readily available liquid sauces directly from the market. Peanuts, soya sauce, oil, and sugar are blended to perfection to attain the smoothest texture. People can add chilli sauce, ginger, and garlic for additional taste.

These ingredients mixed with a little water can be easier to combine with the noodles. The noodles are boiled separately then mixed with the paste in a bowl. Add additional elements like cabbage, lentils, bell peppers, and scallions if necessary. Garnish with cilantro and squeeze a lemon for better taste.

Singapore Noodles

This is spice lovers’ heaven. These noodles are a superb combination tossed over a hot wok with several flavours. Gather turmeric, curry powder, sugar, vegetable oil, and soy sauce for the base. These thin noodles take no time to cook due to their size. It takes as long as spaghetti and is preparable in minutes. Balmain has some of the best restaurants serving Singapore noodles. Thai in Balmain has people visiting from hours away just for the perfect taste and genuine preparation.

Gather vegetables like carrots and beansprouts to add. Bell peppers are an optional choice. Add red chillies cut in small pieces to make the dish super spicy. The result looks burning red. This dish is also stir-fried over a high flame with onions and a choice of spices for the perfect taste. Use traditional Singaporean spices that can add authentic flavour to it.



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