Dhanush singing "Kolaveri Di"
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Seriously why “Why this Kolaveri Di?”

Dhanush singing "Kolaveri Di"
Dhanush singing “Kolaveri Di”

Why-u? Why-u? Why-u has everyone in the whole wide world been “kolavering”? Termed as the “flop song” or the “love failure” song, this song has had tonnes of fans in the past few days! I won’t be surprised if Facebook was renamed “Kolaveri-book” or something! Google shows “Kolaveri” as soon as you type “Kol”. What is it that has made the freakishly absurd song so famous? The level of craziness this song has brought in among the youngsters is shockingly high! I’m sure all of us are dying to know the answers!

To being with, the South has always done wonders with music. Be it A.R.Rahman, the king of Indian music or all the classical music legends down South, they’re all born with talent. But what is so catchy about “Kolaveri Di”? Music has evolved so much. We’ve heard songs with soothing tunes, we’ve heard songs with deep meaningful lyrics. The world has a “been there, done that” policy now and every possible experiments are being carried out to entertain the crowd. Dhanush, the writer of this exhilarating masterpiece of music, came up with the lyrics in barely six minutes! To pen down my personal views, I honeslty think this song is a waste of time, but have you ever thought about it from a simple man’s point of view? Have you ever wondered what the silly words in the song actually mean?

Apparently, in Tamil, Kolaveri means killer rage or murderous rage. Why has this been imparted in a song where love has flopped? Has the lack of love in a man’s life turned him into a monster?

“distance la moon-u moon-u

moon-u color-u white-u

white background night-u nigth-u

night-u color-u black-u”

As stupid as this may sound, we need to understand the depth of the feelings that has been conveyed in this song. The man compares the colour of the dark night sky with the dark, emotionless soul of the girl who has broken his heart.

“white skin-u girl-u girl-u

girl-u heart-u black-u

eyes-u eyes-u meet-u meet-u

my future dark”

Once again, the wounded soldier wants to see the girl who broke his heart, but he realises that the woman of his dreams is stone-hearted and hence, that ruins his future!

“hand la glass

glass la scotch

eyes-u full-aa tear-u

empty life-u

girl-u come-u

life reverse gear-u

lovvu lovvu

oh my lovvu

you showed me bouv-u

cow-u cow-u holi cow-u

i want u hear now-u

god i m dying now-u

she is happy how-u”

In this stanza, the victim has started tearing his life apart by resorting to alcohol and with his eyes flooded with tears, he wishes to turn back the time and go back to those good times he spent with his beloved. But unfortunately, she has happily moved on and he has no clue how!

“this song for soup boys-u

we dont have choice-u”

The writer dedicates this song to every “soup boy” out there or every boy who has failed in love and tells them that they do not have a choice.

Anyway, that was the literal meaning of the song. But is that what makes it so popular? The insanity of the song cannot be expressed with mere words. Not only has it made people laugh, but I believe, it has touched some hearts. We college kids hum it even in our sleep because of the catchy desi beats and the amusing, hilarious lyrics. One of the main attractions of this number is the involvement of beauty queen Shruti Hassan. Rumors tell us that it’s a part of a movie directed by Rajnikanth! Yenna rascala!

Latest – The song has crossed over 7 million views on Youtube.




  1. Its great to see you actually vented out your frustration about this song becoming viral in the most rhetorical way.However as much as you might think you know about this song,you really don’t know much.”Kolaveri” does mean murderous rage.But,”Why this Kolaveri,di?” means “Why this murderous rage,girl?” which is a plea on the part of the “soup boys” or the failures in love to females who reject them after creating the illusion that they are into them.I don’t know what was on in the composer’s head when he wrote this down.But the meaning and intent behind the song is clear,has always been.All that was needed was a bit of research and you attempt at etymology would have succeeded.Sadly,it hasn’t but well tried.

    PS:I was rhetorical too by the way.Go figure.

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