Make Chrome go Incognito for specific sites

Make Chrome go Incognito for some sites

Make Chrome go Incognito for specific sites
Make Chrome go Incognito for specific sites

Sometimes we want to browser privately whithout wanting our browser to save the login or any information. Google Chrome for this has a “Incognito” mode. But for that you have to open a new window and then enter the URL.

We spotted a plugin that would enable Chrome’s “Incognito” by default for some selected sites.

How to do that –

Step 1: Install the Ghost Incognito extension from the Chrome market.  Click Here

Step 2: Navigate to a site you want to view in Incognito mode (unfortunately you have to do this while not using Incognito mode first). Click on the ghost icon to the right of the address bar to add the domain to your filter list.

Step 3: Continue browsing the Interwebs. Chrome will automatically place any of your filtered sites into an Incognito browser.

You can now hide your activities on certain sites from the rest of the world. Shop for a gift for loved ones without alerting that person, or do whatever “else” it is you wish to do privately. As always, be ever aware of secret agents or people standing behind you while browsing Incognito.



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