Thoughts of a molested girl : A poem
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“Fade to Dust” : A poem by a molested & broken girl

This song is about a girl, who was physically molested and raped repeatedly by her own father. So one day she decided to end it and murdered him, now she is watching his motionless body and having these thoughts in her mind.

There is no holding me back

i am not driven by that feeling anymore

The wait for better is over

Kingdom of dreams has long been shattered

Not Overshadowed by you anymore,

I come out to claim what’s mine..

Rise to power, my guilty might

Fade to dust, this worthless life

Shallow morales, am I the beast?

Even eternal fire of hell feels cold to me

Look at what you made me

I am a demon of your own nightmares

The everlasting lust for this world

Had to end one day

no more feelings inside me

I am dead within

Insignificant you and your pleads

My ear can’t listen to your screams

Total hysteria within my mind

Whirlpool of mixed emotion you were

My master, my father

What do I call you?

End my life, it would be a blessing

For what I have gone through was much worse

Living on the edge my whole life

Even breathing on your command

No remorse for what I did

Watching you in pool of your blood

Is the happiest I have ever been

Not afraid of the consequences

I did think it through

I am also just a human

I will also fade to dust…




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