Alternate Music For This Weekend-Get Laidback

Alternate music for this weekend-get laidback

This weekend give a chance to three new songs (Okay! Actually they are old, but not counted as popular tracks). The details are specific, but your immersion in these songs would make you believe in beauty in disguise, really!

How many times have we heard of a love song where the lover talks of the coarse hair of the girl! The ‘Karachi walie’ song by Rabbi shergill is such a delight. The peppy music and some unusual lyrics make it a beautiful experience. We all know him as an alternative pop singer, who writes distinct sufi lyrics, but with this song he emerges as a love song writer too. The song has longing and tells us the story of a failed romance. It is such an unusual song which surprises the listener with each line and context.

Kujh khali tere andar si
‘Te shayad mere vi
Ik paase khahishan si kharhian
‘Te dujey haddan si

Ni haddan terian si nerhe meri door
Ki karda maen si majboor
Mijajan valie

Karachi valie
Thhande sahan valie
Rukhe valan valie

I can’t ever get enough of it, Try listening to it I am sure even you won’t!

Miliha – the most beautiful thing in the universe, it is another song with terrific lyrics and music to die for. Advaita has composed a perfect song for the listeners who demand to hear something new. It is not just an amazing mix of Indian music with western vocals but also that of its instruments. The lyrics are powerful, yet simple.

Caring for those
Who made us cry
Still here waiting
I don’t know why

Seeking searching
Trying to find
Waiting watching
I don’t know why

Advaita is a fusion band which has delivered some finest blend of the Indian classical and western. With this song they win to engross the audience in the sarangi and percussion used so fine!

Yet another powerful song, finest of lyrics and rocking music – “I Believe”, produced for Dewarists, the song is composed by Parikrama and Agnee, also uses the vocals of Shilpa Rao. It begins at a slow note and catches up with pace. The expressions are amazing and convey the meaning so precisely. It is another example of using the Indian Vocals with Western music so aptly.

I believe in the sun, even though it slowly rises
I believe in you, even without realizing
I believe in the rain, though i see no cloud in the sky
I believe in truth, even though everybody lie

I believe in Love
Even though people live hatred
I believe in the power to forgive

The two classic rock bands of India along with Ms Rao do not disappoint the listeners a bit. They take us to a high and make us ponder over the message they gave.

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