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10 Mind-Bending Pictures That You Can’t Unsee

The Internet is full of memes and crazy mind-f**k pictures. We scanned everything on the internet for you guys and here are 10 interesting pictures you can’t unsee once you know what is going on in them.

1) The Smoking Wall

Think this wall is normal, try looking between the bricks.

The Smoking Wall
Source: dailymail

Hint: There is a cigar staring in your face right in the center between the bricks.

2) Putin Lisa

Is it Mona Lisa is it Putin? We can’t tell! The genius of Leonardo Da Vinci?

Putin Lisa

3) Celebs Without Teeth

This genius came up with the insane idea of photoshopping teeth out of these celebrity pics and we just can’t believe our eyes.

4) KFC Big head Tiny Body

I am so amazed I never saw this in the logo of KFC

KFC Big head Tiny Body

5) It’s Not A Gorilla Walking The Beach

Think this is a Gorilla leisurely walking the setting Sun On a beach, have a look again at the meme.

6) Kim Possible Moustache

Have you ever noticed that Kim Possible’s upper lip looks like a moustache. Check out this meme.

Kim Possible Moustache

7) Black Putin and White Obama

Have you ever wondered what is Putin was black and Obama was White. Well thanks to some creative genius we don’t have to wonder anymore.

8) Big bang Theory Is Just Grown Up Dexter’s Laboratory In An Alternate Universe

We can’t believe this uncanny resemblance between the poster’s of Big Bang Theory and Dexter’s Laboratory

9) What If Spongebob and Patrick Were Real

Ever wondered how Spongebob and Patrick would look like if they were in the real world? Check out this artist’s interesting 3D rendition.

10) Star Trek and Die hard have something in common

Never would have realized Star Trek and Die Hard had something in common.

Star Trek and Die hard have something in common

Which one do you thing was the most unseen-able picture? Let us know in comments.



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