Published On: Fri, Sep 30th, 2011

“PornStar” : A poem

PornStar : A Poem

PornStar : A Poem

A different perspective to the world of PornStar  ( a person who appears in pornographic films ).

The poem show’s the artistic perception of the poet and not at all means to offend anyone in any manner.


The way you shake your ass,

The way u go up on that pole.

The clothes you shed up there,

For all  these fuckin assholes.


Have seen u cry after the bar,

Have felt ur emotions and

Have seen those scars.


When all were focusing on,

The shedding clothes,

I saw something else,

a drop of respect falling,

at a bloody shameless place.


You might need those green leaves,

to cover ur naked home,

or may be to make medicine,

for ur sick mom.


For which you are living,

in this place of disgrace,

where seeing a women naked,

is considered as art  having grace.

I come each night,

Just to see ur face,

and search that old girl,

who has lost her soul’s trace.


I wanna come close,

But you would consider me wrong,

I wanna spent some good time,

and indeed not a “DING-DONG”


I know you won’t beleive,

and would consider me fake,

whose just praising a baker,



But am not fake,

and would love you, beyond any par,

It really doesn’t matter to me,

even if you are a “Porn Star“.


P.S. The post is meant to show a different perspective of the defamed porn stars (as the world call them). This poem must be noted for it’s artistic beauty not for obscene behavior as the only intention of the writer is to present his views on a delicate subject.

About the Author

- I like to write,I like to think, I knw when to be a source and when to be a sink, here I will try to give all those links, that I have sipped from the life's mysterious drink...

  1. vineet says:

    hey guyz,iuts just my perspective,,,,,,,do give ur reviews

  2. pawanjeet says:

    bhai respect from heart for ur poem…. i always felt d same…. but was not able to express it….

  3. deepak says:

    bhai faaad….., really…,m impressed…,this is frst tym..i read any of ur poems..(i knw dat u writes..,but did nt read or listnd any)..n hats off..(though i dont wear hat……..hehe…:)……

  4. A true masterpiece. Loved the way emotions are put into words and of-course the out of box thinking.

  5. vineet says:

    @deepak…..bhai tu to saath hi rehta hia kabhi bhi pad lio baki,,,,,
    @pawanjeet…thnx bro,,,,
    @shashank……bola tha na salle dal de ise tu hi dar rha tha pehle:P

  6. Ankita says:

    After reading this……..I wud say it is THE BESTEST……..nd larger than life…..excellent job..:D

  7. brij says:

    vineet its awesome…….

    • Umang says:

      Bhai poetry is all about expressing your opinion (nothing can be termed WEIRD)… AND u really pulled it off… nice attempt…

  8. Ashish says:

    zabardast bhai….mast hai, well portrayed the different perspective!!!
    nice work!

  9. ANKIT SINGHAL says:

    bro, excellent work, a very beautiful amalgamation of words and emotions.
    i bow to ur talent

  10. sanjeev says:

    sme1 realy needs a blessed vision to c a ‘STAR’ in a ‘PORNSTAR’….nd dude u hve got dose eyes….STUPENDOUS JOB!!

  11. sumit chawla says:

    really too gud and the words used in the poem are really nice…………….

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  13. Deepshikha Gandhi says:

    Amazing piece of writing on a really sensitive topic! Respect!

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