Straight from a woman's heart
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From a woman’s heart

Straight from a woman's heart
Straight from a woman's heart

A simple and deep philosophy – Sacrifice. Sacrificing comforts, luxuries and excuses is a much smarter idea than sacrificing our self respect, honor and happiness.


You ask of me to be a kind mother, a savior; a cheerful sister, an obedient daughter and a faithful lover. Being a woman, my DNA is pre-programmed to slip into each role with great ease and fluidity. When I do it by choice, why is it termed as sacrifice? I shout out loud, no! I am making no compromises. As I said, I love all around, my actions speak for it, my words need not justify it.


As a friend, I can be a great listener; I know I don’t seem to be one but when you require me, I am all ears, hearts and souls! As a teacher, I can assume the role of a philosopher – giving birth to some unique ideologies, which can surprise many. As a guardian, I take care of you. My concern, love and care might go unnoticed at times but my presence in your life is undeniable. You call it grace of god or fruit of karma, I bring bliss and happiness in your life. My smile radiates your smile, my persona is a conglomerate of my experiences with you, my heart can speak your mind and my affection is all I can give you. I am quite incomplete without you. I need you as do you need me. We make a complete entity together.


I don’t appreciate it when my potential of being the best for you is challenged. I also hate to keep justifying my actions and prove my love for you. There can be times when we don’t agree with each other, and at times even our destinies test us, that can’t force us to forget that I have been standing beside you out of sheer willingness and you are my support.




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