Fashion in college
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Fashion in my campus

Fashion in college
Fashion in college

Fashion in my campus cannot entirely be described in an article or two. We believe in making heads turn while we maintain our simplicity and sophistication. Being fashionably smart is not everyone’s thing. Some over-dress, some don’t give a damn and then there are these others who are graceful enough to carry anything and can be called ‘fashionable by default’. While the current college trend is to wear skinny jeans or leggings with a kurti or a funky t-shirt, some of us have the guts to experiment. In my campus, we have innumerable flavors of fashion to choose from.

But what is fashion? How in the world would an engineering student understand fashion? Do they know jack shit about jeggings and gunjees? Are they aware of anything other than resistors and data structures? Of course, we do! “Wear your attitude” is our mantra and we always want to stay stylish.

What is that even supposed to mean?


The 21st century woman   girl

Be it the simple traditional kurti with leggings and kohlapuris or the feminine floral balloon tops and slim fit jeans or just a loose t-shirt and knee length shorts for men, we know how to do it right. Colourful and funky footwear have suddenly made an appearance in the fashion world. We see men flaunting haute golden coloured sneakers or girls with seductive yet sublte gladiators.

The idea is to ‘look young, stay young’.


The cherry on the cake – “The accessories”

Modern India does not give a crap to ‘this colour won’t suit me‘. It’s all about how you wear it! From ponytails to open hair with all sorts of funkalicious haircuts to pink and blue streaks, from brilliant blue contact lenses to gemstone green, from bringht green coloured nails to butterflies and flowers stuck on them, my campus has a whole lot of variety when it comes to fashion.


Got the legs so flaunt them 😛

We attend lectures in shorts, we party in shorts, we sleep in shorts. Shorts have always been the ‘in’ thing. Nobody goes to bed without partying. And when we party, we flaunt our lassy legs. From mini skirts to tube dresses to hot pants, we wear it and we dance the night away to stay young on the floor.


Being fashionable

Fashion is all in the head. One need not spend a thousand bucks to look fashionable. Being brand conscious, does not mean being fashionable. Experimenting with new styles of dressing and wearing the clothes right is the key to success.

Stay cool, stay trendy, stay young! \m/




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