Tips To Get More Right Swipes On The Social Media App
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Tips To Get More Right Swipes On Your Social Media (Dating) App

From romantic poems to love letters, from finding love in online chat rooms to social media apps like Tinder and Bumble, the rules of love have been transformed, warped and disintegrated only to realize that the chase for an interesting partner remains as difficult as it was centuries ago. Now that we have digitized the dating game, let’s find out how people are getting it right when it comes to making their profile look appealing enough for some right swipes.

Does Your Profile Photo Make An Impression?

This one photo makes all the difference. With billions of people using social media apps to find friends and dates, first impressions are usually made with the profile photo – and we all know what they say about first impressions.

Photos with a warm smile can make a person stop and think for a second, and once they get thinking they will try to find out more from your profile and other connected social media profiles. Group shots, photos that show your back or photos where your face is not clearly visible is a sign of low self-esteem, people tend to avoid such profiles.

Brevity Is The Soul Of Witty Bios

Every time I look up a good profile, I try to find out about the person’s viewpoint from his or her bio. Messy bios with too many emoticons and very little meaning will be immediately sidelined. At the same time, don’t overdo your bio with big words and borrowed quotes. Keep it short and sharp. For example, you can say, “Never been much of an animal lover, but maybe it’s just a part of me waiting to be explored”.

Your bio is all about you and if you chose the right words, even your shortcomings can be made to sound interesting, just like the statement above.

Do You Seem Fun To Hang Out With?

With your bio and profile photo done right, there is the need to show people that you are a fun person to go out with. For this, your photos must do the talking. Don’t fill up your profile with group photos where it is difficult to spot you every time. Instead, put two to three group photos only. Travel photos and photos at local hangout areas will help more people connect easily with you.

If you are an introvert, then choose photos of you at your favorite corner in the café or your ideal way of spending time at home – reading books, baking, gardening, making cool cocktails, or chilling at your terrace. The age-old dating trick of using humor serves its purpose till this day. Add a couple of photos that can tickle a person’s funny bone and you will find yourself getting more right swipes that you thought.

Going on a Right-Swiping Spree Won’t Help

When you get selective, social media apps tend to find better matches for you. So if you right swiped on someone and you are waiting to be swiped right too, then be sure not to the right swipe on every single profile you see. Your selection will help the app understand your taste and it will present those profiles that are closer to your taste. The same way, you will also find that the people who are presented with your profile are more closely matched to yours. This is how most social media apps are coded, so don’t go on a right-swiping spree.

With fake accounts, anti-social elements and gold-diggers using social media apps too, it is often difficult for a person to easily trust that everything on your profile is honest. This is why it pays off to be real. Don’t worry about getting lost in the many accounts created every day. If your profile is real and you seem like a fun person to be with, then the chances of you getting many right swipes will become very high.



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