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Custom Fake Food Display Getting Popular Around The World, Thanks to Japan

Japanese restaurants have been using real “looking” artificially made food dishes for display for centuries. The custom fake food display is made using wax and other non-organic substances like plastic that look amazingly fresh and real and also helps in avoiding food wastage.

Japan never fails to surprise the world by its unique way of doing everything. Even Japanese restaurants in USA import these “artificial” display foods from Japan because Japan is the only region which makes such food.

The artificial food or “Sanpurus” as it is called in Japan has been practiced for over 100 years. Japanese are amazing at refining their art to the point of utmost discipline & perfection. The art of making custom fake food display has been transformed into a complex art form. It takes years of practice and training to become a master at Sanpurus.

This mesmerizing art has taken over the internet and a lot of youtube channels have started teaching people how to make fake food.

The videos of such fake food making processes have gone immensely viral recently. It is truly mesmerizing to see a cabbage come to life from simple wax and just using hands to craft the leaves.

The world came to know of Sanpurus with the viral video of fake cabbage manufacturing using candle wax.

This YouTube video gives us an insight into the world of fake beer. The foam looks unbelievably real and there are even bubbles in the “fake” beer. Without watching these videos it’s absolutely impossible to figure out how this fake beer was made.

This is how fake food samples or “sanpurus” are prepared in Japan. A majority of restaurants are using the process.

Where to buy custom fake food?

The famous online portal, ‘Alibaba’ too, sells the fake food for display to a number of restaurants and cafes. A number of sellers buy the said fake food samples from this shopping portal.

Source: Alibaba

With the advancement in material science, new techniques and materials are being used now. These new materials are being used to create ever fresh and real looking Japanese food to show menu items in a number of Japanese restaurants. These food samples are made using wax, plastic and various other materials after which they are painted by an expert artist.

Fake food craze has taken over the world and all sorts of restaurants are turning to these fake foods to attract customers. You can now buy fake pizza, burgers, cocktails even Indian Bhatura on the custom fake food display markets.



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