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Top 10 common tech myths most of us believe

We hear tech-myths all the time, and we even spread to our friends—but most of these are just a waste of time and in some cases, they can actually harm your gadgets too. Here are some of the worst offenders.

10. Better Hardware Means Better Gadgets

If  you are thinking to upgrade your PC with the latest processor or buying a phone with even more RAM, then you may be wasting your time. Now a days, hardware specifications don’t matter much, most of the latest hardware give you more power than you need. And if you are waiting for some gadget to launch, by the time it’ll get launched another one would have been announced. Of course, there are some expectations but most of the time replacing your gadgets is not a very good idea.

9. Lossless Music Is Better than MP3

Its a big misconception that you can spot the difference between MP3s and lossless music files. For spotting the difference, you need a very fine-tuned ear, really high quality speakers, and specific music (like classical, jazz,etc). You can take an ABX Test yourself with your music and find out yourself. Results will surprise you.

8. Android Task Killers are MUST for Good Performance

Not only android users started this myth but many manufacturers are spreading it. It is also believed that the increase your battery life and boost up the performance. But they don’t even effect your battery life rather they are designed to solve problems that don’t even exist (like running out of RAM). Even if you experience performance boosts that’s because you’re killing a task that’s either gone awry (in which case you’re better off just rebooting your phone) or because the app is poorly coded. Instead task killers can cause problems themselves and you should avoid them unless you are using an old phone with outdated software.

7. Jailbreaking Your Phone Is Illegal

Some people believe that jailbreaking an iPhone is illegal. However, jailbreaking your iPhone voids your warranty totally but its completely legal. Its totally legal unless you use it to pirate apps.

6. Mac is immune to Malware

Many people believe that Mac is immune to viruses and malware. Some say that its because of UNIX architecture while other’s say that its not a big target like windows. Don’t let your choice of OS obscure the fact that safe browsing and common sense are the best protection against viruses and other malware. However, some real Mac malware has already been seen. It doesn’t means that if an infected mail isn’t affecting your Mac but you may be unknowingly forwarding it to your Windows friends.

5. You Should Buy an Extended Warranty for New Gadgets

We all would have broken at least something in our life and extended warranties attract us a lot. Sometimes they only cover half the things that could go wrong, or sometimes the chances of your device failing are just plain slim. Instead, you’re better off setting up an extended warranty fund for yourself—as long as you aren’t really clumsy, you’ll probably come out ahead in the end.

4. Discharge Laptop Battery Fully Every Time

Battery life is a concern for everyone now a days. People believe that discharging their laptop battery every time increases the lifetime of their battery. This myth originated from old nickel-cadmium batteries that suffer from memory effect however its not the same with the new Li-ion batteries.

3. Password-Protected Wi-Fi Networks Are Secure from Hackers

No network is immune to hackers. Any network can be hacked at some point of time. In the case of home networks, it may be somewhat secure from outside hackers, but on public networks (like coffee shop, office), anyone with a password can still connect to the network and potentially sniff your traffic.

2. PeerBlock Keeps You Anonymous on BitTorrent

A lot of BitTorrent users are trying to cover their tracks by enabling encryption and using something like PeerBlock to hide their downloads. However, this doesn’t makes you anonymous, encryption only keeps your ISP from throttling you, and PeerBlock is not even close to being foolproof. If you really want to stay anonymous, you have to use a VPN or a proxy service like BTGuard.

1. Tweaks Speed Up Your Computer

It’s the worst myth that tweaking speeds up your computer. At best, they’ll do nothing, and at worst, they can actually degrade performance. If you really want to speed up your computer then upgrade your hardware.



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