Why do People Wear Opal Gemstones? Does it Work?
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Why do People Wear Opal Gemstones? Does it Work?

The fascinating gemstone which makes everyone stop and stares is none other than the Opal jewelry. This October birthstone has set its value in the market for ages. People admire this gemstone for its uniqueness and fantastic, spectacular properties, and the play of color it has. In addition, it has won hearts because of its kaleidoscopic patterns, glittering shine, and incredible healing properties. Keep reading more about this eye-catching gemstone.

Story of How Opals Were Formed

There are many stories behind the formation of these beautiful pearls; Greeks believe that these gemstones came from the tears of Zeus, the god of lighting when they have won the battle against the titans. Others say that this gemstone was formed when the water was evaporated, and then silica was left in between the crack of mountains. And the silica becomes the Opal gemstone. Moreover, it constitutes 10% of the water, making it very fragile.

How They are Formed into The Jewelry

Adding the Opal gemstone to your collection would be an excellent choice, as the beauty of this stone is exceptional. Rananjay Exports use raw opal crystals which come from Ethiopia and Australia. After coming to the factory, they have been cut, polished, and set into sterling silver producing the exclusive designs. The designs are unique and admired by everyone who sees it.

Used in Weddings

Opal jewelry is always in high demand, especially during the wedding season. After knowing that Queen Victoria has worn these beautiful gemstones in the form of necklaces and earrings, brides wear the Opal necklaces and earrings on their big wedding day. This opal jewelry is the symbol of love, purity, luxury, and peace. Even for engagement purposes, Opal rings are the highest-picked gemstone jewelry. Wearing this crystal in the form of jewelry will strengthen the relationship bringing balance and harmony in life.

Caring Tips

This semi-precious gemstone has a good value and is considered a precious asset. However, it needs care and protection to keep it shining on forever. Wearer should wash the gemstone with water every time after they wear it. And it should be cleaned with mild soap and water once every month. It is also important to wipe it with a clean cloth.

In addition, they will deteriorate over time as they dry out due to the water quantity inside them. So, I would suggest you keep this gemstone in a separate bag wrapped in a damp cloth or cotton. This gemstone ranges from 4.5 to 5 on the Mohs scale hardness, so any stone harder than the opal can scratch and damage it. Moreover, don’t keep the gemstone under the sunlight for long. Otherwise, it will lose its original color.

Wear the Opal jewelry at the last while getting ready, and always try to keep it away from lotions, perfumes, and makeup products. And open it at first after coming back home. In addition, while doing any work related to chemicals, remove the opal jewelry to keep it safe.

Also, keeping the Opal jewelry under the moonlight on the full moon day will recharge it and bring back the energies to heal the person.

Where to Buy From?

The best place to buy this gemstone jewelry is the Rananjay Exports, and they are the leading manufacturer and wholesaler of sterling silver jewelry. They produce the best designs of sterling silver opal rings and other jewelry items. So you can trust them and order your selected jewelry and impress your customers. Moreover, their prices are very affordable, and retailers can make up good profit in between. They even provide discounts of up to 12% on bulk orders with all their terms and conditions.

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