Published On: Sun, Aug 5th, 2012

HTC One X Sense 4.1 Camera App Leaked



The new HTC One X has a stunning camera with 8MP f/2.0 lens. The camera software is also quite decent and offers plenty of options to tweak for advanced users without confusing new users.

HTC would be tweaking the One X camera app with the upcoming Sense 4.1 update for HTC One X. A member of XDA forums has managed to get the leaked camera apk from a Sense 4.5 ROM.

HTC One X Sense 4.1 Camera App

HTC One X Sense 4.1 Camera App

The XDA user has reported following changes in the new leaked camera apk:

  • Front / rear camera selection is now an icon in the main UI, not hidden at the top of the setup menu
  • Vertical instead of horizontal zoom bar (easier to adjust, but less fine-grained; still pointless because it is only digital zoom)
  • Scene modes are now not listed separately under Camera Scenes, but grouped under ‘Scene selection’ entry (less scrolling but one extra tap to get to them)
  • Either there’s a new Normal scene mode, or more likely Auto has just been renamed Normal
  • Aspect and resolution are now combined into a single option, rather than separate options
  • Blue instead of green highlight
Root access is required on the phone for installing the leaked Sense 4.1 camera apk. A Sense based ROM is a must. Get the CWM flashable zip file with an enhanced media_profiles file from here.


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  1. Taslim Basei says:

    best camera app version..

  2. Taslim Basei says:

    best camera app version..

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