Principles at DailyJag

– We don’t do assume anything
– We don’t gossip & only believe in facts 
– We don’t favor anyone
– We don’t hate anyone
– For breaking news, we must have at least “two” verifiable sources
– We don’t fear anyone

Writing Guidelines

Each article needs to have proof of source from a respected authority. Each article must have at least one picture as featured image and more pictures as required
If an article talks about Name, Place, animal, thing then it needs to have a picture.

News Article recommended format:
The first paragraph must be the summary which links to point explained in each paragraph. The last paragraph must be a summary.

A sponsored article must be declared clearly as sponsored.
The original writer of the article must be listed as the writer of the article.

In the case of “quoting” content from a different source, it must be properly listed with source and link to original content.

The article must be followed by reference/sources.